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Collaboration and Unified Communications


Users expect communication and the ability to share information and stored data to be seamless, uninterrupted and available wherever they may be. Lines are blurring and even disappearing between services that once were distinct (e.g., PBX, meetings and conferences, customer call centers, email, instant messages, file sharing, collaboration, integration between applications).


  • With the University — Competitive Resources: The evolution from conventional telephony to unified communications - Lync to Skype for Business (SFB) and now, to MS Teams - to manage the confluence of communication and information helps maintain a resource base that keeps UH competitive.
  • With the State — Mobile & Digital Services: Continuing the growth of a unified communications platform supports the growing reliance on mobile devices to make business communication continuous, robust and portable.

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  • Implemented a robust unified communication system enabling telephony, video, instant messaging, email and conferencing.
  • Finished the transition to Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications using SFB.
  • Standardized video conferencing to SFB for business use and Zoom for faculty/student instructional interaction.
  • Completed Office 365/OneDrive rollout.
  • Replaced Cisco call centers with Anywhere365.


  • Integrate end-user collaboration technology. Integration must be an underlying principle in choosing and implementing the tools used for data, connectivity and communication needs.
  • Continually assess the future of Unified Communications, including the implementation of cloud PBX and emerging solutions such MS Teams.


  • Implement functional enhancements to Anywhere365 call center application.
  • Deploy MS Teams universitywide.
  • Enable device-based activation of Office 365.
  • Deploy email services for students.
  • Raise user awareness of calendar and conferencing capabilities.

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