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Summer 2018

E-Team Name Associated Academic Class Team Composition Concept/Technology Description Links to Work Product WCE Program RED LABS 3 Day Startup
I-Corps Activities
Hestien Nascent Student Only Team Personalized Ambient Comfort Link
Duraminz Nascent Student Only Team Superinsulated Window Framing System Link
Alpha Triangulum Nascent Student Only Team Covalent Organic Framework Link
BATA Nascent Student Only Team Energy Storage/Manufacturing of Li Ion batteries Link
Signalytics Nascent Student Only Team Apparatus to obtain quantitative measurements in mud Link
Auragon Studios RED Labs team Video game X
Shoot Technologies RED Labs team Photographer platform X
DxRuptive RED Labs team Antibiotic testing X
Naber RED Labs team Moving tech X
Aerolika RED Labs team HVAC energy system X
Saule Designs RED Labs team Customizable bra X


Note: E-Team composition varies depending on the relative maturity of the idea or technology, whether or not the E-Team includes faculty and/or students and which UH I-Corps Site element initiates the team.

Traditional I-Corps - E-Teams  formed as traditional, three person teams (i.e. faculty inventor, entrepreneurial lead, mentor) in preparartion for entering the regional or national I-Corps program

WCE Team - E-Teams formed by 4-5  undergraduate WCE entrepreneurship students, a faculty inventor, an entrepreneurial lead (usually a graduate student) and a business mentor as part of the WCE year long academic program

Nascent Student Only Team - Student-only E-Team (1-5 students) initially formed within an academic LLC class that may go to form the basis of a traditional I-Corps E-Team