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Summer 2017

E-Team Name Associated Academic Class  Team Composition WCE Program RED LABS 3 Day Startup I-Corps Activities Concept/Technology Description Links to Work Product
intrONE ENTR 4394/7394 Student Team Only Yes POS software system to integrate third party vendors in restaurants  intrONE
Blume Laboratories ENTR 4394/7394 Student Team Only Yes Non-pharmagological alternative to ED medication  Blume Laboratories
Bold Power ENTR 4394/7394 Traditional I-Corps Yes Efficient fuel cell technolgoy Bold Power
Core Simulations ENTR 4394/7394 Student Team Only Yes Therapeutic software for VR tech Core Simulations
Drivedia ENTR 4394/7394 Student Team Only Yes Platform allowing rideshare vehicles to advertise for local businesses Drivedia
DermaVision ENTR 4394/7394 Traditional I-Corps Yes Tech to prevent bed sores in hospitals and care facilities  DermaVision
Ocumens ENTR 4394/7394 Student Team Only Yes Stealth group video game Ocumens
Motition Student Team Only App to help people find workshot partners Motition
Sweatii Student Team Only App to help people find workout studios/instructors Sweatii
ILVIEN Student Team Only Internet broadcast and community for women ILVIEN
TBD Student Team Only Portable water supply unit
TBD Student Team Only Door automation
Ice Repellant Traditional I-Corps Omni repellant surfaces
Trig Jig Student Team Only Stencil for professional drafting/engineering
Laundry Delivery Student Team Only App to provide laundry services Laundry Delivery
Angel Student Team Only Widget to notify distributors and warehouses of expiration on pharmaceuticals Angel
TFTI Student Team Only Event finding app TFTI
Teach Student Team Only Tutor connection app Teach
PLEGS Traditional I-Corps Exoskeleton suit for paralysis 
N/A Student Team Only Platform for nonprofits to generate monetary and physical support 
The NED Student Team Only App to increase nurse business savvy
TBD Traditional I-Corps Geosteering for oil wells
PLEGS (extension) Traditional I-Corps Platform for therapeutical/diagnostic service system 
TBD Student Team Only Virtual reality for music collaboration

Note: E-Team composition varies depending on the relative maturity of the idea or technology, whether or not the E-Team includes faculty and/or students and which UH I-Corps Site element initiates the team.

Traditional I-Corps - E-Teams  formed as traditional, three person teams (i.e. faculty inventor, entrepreneurial lead, mentor) in preparartion for entering the regional or national I-Corps program

WCE Team - E-Teams formed by 4-5  undergraduate WCE entrepreneurship students, a faculty inventor, an entrepreneurial lead (usually a graduate student) and a business mentor as part of the WCE year long academic program

Student Only Team - Student-only E-Team (1-5 students) initially formed within an academic LLC class that may go to form the basis of a traditional I-Corps E-Team