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CHRI Request

Before submitting a CHRI Request, please review the following information regarding the background screening process:

  • After a request is submitted, we will send your request to HireRight within 2 business days
  • HireRight will send an email to the individual needing the background check to request information. Please follow up with the individual to ensure that they have received an email from HireRight and completed the information requested. 
  • Once all information has been received by HireRight, they will begin the screening process. 
  • Clearance letters are sent within 24 hours of receiving the results; however, processing times from HireRight may vary depending on various circumstances. 

**Please note: submitting multiple requests for the same person may delay the process. If you need to change or update the email information for the individual, or if you have any questions regarding the screening process:

  • For faculty requests, contact Faculty Affairs at
  • For all other requests, please contact the Talent Acquisition team at 713-743-7180 or

To submit your CHRI request:

Click on the button below

Log into SharePoint with your Cougarnet credentials

Password: Cougarnet Password

Complete the form and submit your CHRI request