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Dental Insurance

The State of Texas Dental Choice Plan -the State's indemnity plan-is administered by Delta Dental. The dental choice plan does not restrict your choice of dentists, but it does limit payment based on your choice on dentist. Using a participating dentist will result in a higher percentage of charges paid.

The Dental Maintenance Plan – Delta DHMO-The dental maintenance plan provides dental coverage to you and your covered dependents through a network of participating dentists. You MUST select a dentist and obtain services from that dentist in order to be covered for benefits; however you may change dentists as often as you like. There is no deductible and your out-of-pocket expense is based upon the schedule of benefits and the services you receive. The participating dentist will file claims for you. A fee schedule and list of providers are available from the Benefits Office. You are covered for all services, including major dental procedures, as of the effective date of the plan. Generally, the co-payments represent about a 50% to 90% discount in normal fees. You receive a 30% discount for treatment by a specialist.

For additional information on these dental plans, please visit the ERS website.