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Theme Communities

How can I join?

Theme Communities provide participating students with co-curricular activities that may be initiated and led by either students or by university faculty/staff. There is no application process or requirements for students in the Theme Communities, and students will self-assign to live in the Theme Communities by scrolling to the Living Learning Programs section on their MyHousing Portal when selecting a room. 

Select the MyHousing Portal on Access UH. Then, once you have clicked the Select a Room option, scroll down and click the view options icon under the Living Learning Programs section. Questions regarding Theme Communities should be emailed to

Students are expected to assist their Resident Advisor and an advisor in designing programs and events that have broad appeal and are educational for members of this Theme Community. Other activities may include field trips, attending university lectures and cultural events, and participation in intramural sports. Students who are exploring or actively pursuing any of the vast number of Engineering and Technology degrees the university offers are encouraged to select to live in this community. This community is housed in Cougar Village II CVN 211-218.

This living option is for students in the Conrad H. Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Students are taking a core group of classes together and living together will facilitate study groups and attendance at the college’s many events. Students on this floor will participate in co-curricular programs designed to further their experience and learning in the field of HRM. This community is housed in Cougar Village I CVN 201-231.

Students who live in this community are majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Students will find it easy to meet other NSM majors with similar goals and in similar classes so that they can easily facilitate study groups. Programs offered to these students will be directed by an advisor from NSM, who will tailor programs to the unique needs of NSM students to include advising and career exploration opportunities. This community is housed in Cougar Village I CVN 301-318.

This community is geared toward students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics who have pre-professional aspirations. This community will be guided by an advisor from NSM, who will provide programs and experiences that complement the classes being taken by these students along with an eye toward further study in health professions such as medical school, dental school, veterinary school, pharmacy school, and optometry school. This community is housed in Cougar Village II CVN 611-618.