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Housing COVID-19 FAQ

Are the University of Houston Residence Halls Open?

Yes, the University of Houston Residence Halls are open.    

What is the final check-out procedure for moving out of the residence halls for spring semester?

  • Current residents of Cougar Place, Cougar Village I and II, Moody Towers, and University Lofts who have not yet moved out will need to move out and check out by May 10, 2020. 
    • Moving out of campus housing is considered essential and permitted.
  • Current residents of Bayou Oaks have an agreement on file to live in Bayou Oaks until July 31, 2020.
    • If you need to cancel the summer portion of your agreement for reasons related to COVID-19 you may do so until May 3, 2020 by submitting a cancellation request on your myHousing portal. 
      • Any cancellation of the agreement after May 3, 2020 will be charged all related cancellation and termination fees. 
    • Residents of Bayou Oaks who submit a cancellation request and move out and check out by May 10, 2020 will not be charged any termination fees related to the summer portion of their agreement.  

If you choose to cancel your agreement then May 10, 2020 is the conclusion of the Student Housing & Residential Life Service Agreement and the deadline, for students who do not have a summer agreement in place, to move out of the residential communities.

What if I am unable to move out by May 10?

  • Residents who are unable to move out by May 10, 2020 for reasons related to COVID-19 may request to stay in their space for up to 10 days after the stay at home order in Houston is lifted by submitting a request to remain in campus housing through their myHousing portal. 
    • Students who are unable to leave campus by May 10, 2020 and have been approved for an extension may be required to relocate to another space on campus for the duration of the order.
    • Students who are approved to stay in their space will be charged a daily rate until their date of check out beginning May 11, 2020. 
  • If you do not submit a request to stay on campus past May 10, 2020 you will be checked out by our staff.
  • Due to issues related to safety, staffing, and storage; any items left after May 10, 2020 will be thrown away.
  • Keys not returned by May 10, 2020 will result in residents being billed a lock and key replacement. 

What if I am unable to return to campus to remove my belongings?

If you are not able to be on-campus to move out and/or you have a friend or other proxy moving out for you, please remember the following:  

  • You will need to send an email from your UH e-mail to stating the following:
    • My proxy  {insert their name} has permission to move your belongings out on your behalf.
    • Include their name and address on the form of identification they will utilize when they arrive to the residence hall.
    • Your room number, cell number, and Student ID#
  • Your proxy will also be asked to confirm your cell phone number. 
  • Only items in your assigned bedroom can be taken unless expressed written permission is given.
  • Temporary access cards will not be given out. University Housing staff will escort your proxy to the room and unlock the space.
  • Please understand that at this time, your proxy may need to wait a few minutes as our staff are attending to other residents or guests.
  • If at all possible, please have your proxy arrive during business hours. 

How Do I Sign Up for a Check-out Time?

The number of students able to sign up for each check-out time is limited to twenty-five (25). Students will be allowed to sign up for a check-out time each hour at each residence hall between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm from now until Sunday, May 10, 2020. Please do not come to campus until your assigned time.

What are the expectations for cleanliness when I leave my space? Can I check-out cleaning supplies?

We ask that you remove ALL items, trash, and belongings. Do your best to clean your space with the supplies you have or supplies you bring with you. We will not be checking out cleaning supplies to limit germ transference from people handling the same objects. Due to issues related to safety, staffing, and storing; any items left after check-out will be thrown away.

Do You Have Carts Available to Check-Out?

Yes, we will have carts available to assist with checkout, but you are encouraged to bring your own moving equipment. You will need to wipe down the carts you check out after use.

What is housing planning for the summer and fall?

Student Housing & Residential Life is currently open and plans to remain open for both the summer and fall terms. If you’ve not applied for summer or fall and wish to please log into your myHousing portal and follow the links to apply.  It is important to know that Student Housing & Residential Life has extended the deadline to cancel without penalty to May 1, 2020 for Summer Housing Agreements and July 1, 2020 for Fall Housing Agreements.

What are my dining options if I choose to stay on campus?

For information about Dining Services and Meal Plans, visit

Will canceling housing mean my meal plan is automatically canceled as well?

No. To cancel your meal plan, please take the following steps:

  • Use your myUH ID and password to login to AccessUH
  • Select the Meal Plan icon
  • Click on the “Meal Plan” dropdown tab
  • Select the “My Meal Plan” option from the menu
  • Select the “Cancel” button

The refund credit will be added to your student fee bill within thirty (30) days. For questions, please contact UH Auxiliary Services at 832-842-9053, or visit their website at

What information is available about postal services for residents?

Information about postal services and mail forwarding can be found at

What if I moved all of my belongings out of my room and want to mail my key back?

After you have formally notified the housing department that you have moved out and removed all of your items, you can mail your key back to Student Housing & Residential Life following the specifications listed below. Student Housing & Residential Life is not responsible for returned keys that are lost in the mail.

  1. Key must be sent Certified Mail or FedEx and postmarked within 5 business days of your official check-out date. Failure to do so may result in fees being assessed for a lock change.
  2. Key must be placed in a sturdy envelope that cannot be easily damaged by the keys inside. It is recommended to utilize a bubble mailer/envelope.
  3. Key must be mailed to:
    Student Housing & Residential Life
    4377 Cougar Village Drive
    Houston, TX  77204-3018

How are you going to maintain social distancing when so many students are moving out?

  • We will support social distancing by the check-out schedule we have developed.
  • We encourage all students to practice social distancing during this time on-campus.

Will there be emergency housing for students?

We will not be able to provide housing to students who do not have a current Spring 2020 Housing Agreement.

  • Only lock-out keys will be handled through the desk. All other operations will be handled via phone or email.
  • No equipment check-outs will be available.
  • Report maintenance issues via the Fixit site on the myHousing portal.
  • There will not be any residence hall programming.
  • No guests will be permitted.

If I remain in campus housing can I come and go as I want?

The stay-at home order has expired. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, please no visitors or overnight guests.

How do I contact my residence hall front desk if I have questions about housing?

For general questions, contact the main Housing Office (M-F, 8am-5pm) at 713-743-6000.

You are also encouraged to call your front desk using the phone numbers below:

  • Bayou Oaks - 713-743-6594
  • Cougar Place - 713-743-6994
  • Cougar Village I - 832-842-6020
  • Cougar Village II - 713-743-6432
  • Moody Towers North - 713-743-6057
  • Moody Towers South - 713-743-6056
  • University Lofts - 832-842-5638

Do residents in Cullen Oaks and Cambridge Oaks have to move out?

Residents of Cullen Oaks and Cambridge Oaks should contact their leasing office for information about moving out:

Cullen Oaks

Cambridge Oaks 

Will university staff be on campus to help support students in emergency housing?

There will be staff on-call to support students and respond to emergencies.

What about damages and refunds?


Once you check out, staff will assess your space for damages. All damages will be billed to your university account.


Students who cancel and check out will be provided a refund to their university account. All refunds will be processed within 30 days of check out.

Will my financial aid change?

If you have federal financial aid and withdraw from classes prior to March 28, there could be consequences to your current financial aid package. For financial aid recipients who check out from housing and withdraw from all classes, refunds may take slightly longer as the University must comply with federal regulations to calculate your remaining financial aid eligibility.

Please contact the Student Business Services to determine if your financial aid will be affected:

What if I have a UH parking permit?

Refund credits will be issued to all students who have a current valid UH parking permit to cover the period from March 16-May 31, 2020, during which classes are not being held on campus. This will be an automatic credit. Students DO NOT need to return their permit. For more information, visit

If I have an outstanding conduct case, will I still have to meet with a conduct office? What happens with my sanctions?

Please contact Dr. Douglas Bell, Associate Director at with questions related to conduct.

How frequently are common areas cleaned?

Our staff is cleaning and disinfecting daily. All high touch areas, such as door handles, faucet handles, flush handles, elevator buttons, and drinking fountains are disinfected a minimum of two times daily.

I am receiving an error message on the MyHousing Portal. What should I do?

If you are receiving an error message when clicking the myHousing portal that states "I don't have permission to view this page", please use another browser. We are currently working to resolve this issue. 

For the most up to date information regard the University of Houston and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) please visit