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Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities in Houston

iEducateUSA - Local non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and bringing together motivated undergraduates to assist elementary and middle school students in underserved and underperforming schools to strengthen their math and science concepts and to nurture, educate and inspire the next generations of doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, etc.

Teaching Programs Abroad

Teaching Assistant Program in France
Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer to teach English or tutor ESL learners in Houston. Many libraries, charities, area ministries, and religious organizations offer ESL classes.

Catholic Charities
Literacy Advance

Volunteer Match (Search for "ESL")
YMCA International Services

Community Job Bank – postings from non-profit organizations in Houston

Cross-Cultural Training via LCC Conversation Club
UH students can gain Cross-Cultural Training and teaching experience by serving as a Guide in the LCC Conversation Club.  Applications are accepted prior to the start of each semester.

Professional Development
To learn more about teaching English to speakers of other languages, consider joining the organizations listed below or attending one of their conferences. 

Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL)
Texas Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages, Region IV Affiliate (TexTESOL IV)
Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education (TALAE)

Teaching English to speakers or other languages is a very rewarding career. It offers opportunities to travel and work abroad or to stay in the United States and work with amazing people from around the world. As an ESL teacher, there are opportuni ties to work in a k-12 setting, at community centers, at the community college level in adult basic education (ABE) or ESL, or at an intensive English program (IEP) with adults. IEPs, such as the Language and Culture Center at the University of Houston, offer international students the opportunity to study English full-time to prepare them for university-level academic studies in English.