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UH Science Club

Professors Daniel Onofrei and Andrew Torok invite all STEM students to participate in their group activities offered through the Department of Mathematics. Join a cohort of faculty and students who enjoy solving mathematical problems in unconventional ways. This dynamic community meets weekly, and is comprised of math enthusiasts from a wide range of disciplines.

Why join this science club?Math Club

  • You can meet other students who enjoy working on mathematical problems
  • You get to work one-on-one with professors outside of the classroom
  • You'll have the opportunity to contribute to the field of mathematics

Programs for students:

Undergraduate Colloquium: This exciting speaker series covers lectures from ground breaking discoveries to making the complex seem simple.

The Putnam Competition: This competition is open to students from across the country, and is an ideal way to approach mathematical problems in a collaborative environment. Those who are successful are rewarded with prizes and fellowships.

Garden State Undergraduate Mathematics Conference: Students get to interact with peers, present their projects, and participate in a math competition at this annual research conference.

Pi Mu Epsilon: Join the Math Club

Field Trips: The group is planning an "insiders" tour of NASA this year. See what happens behind the scenes, and learn more about the astronauts' training and research.

Information on the problem solving sessions can be found at

Be a part of planning the group's activities for the year.

For more information, contact Dr. Andrew Torok at or Dr. Daniel Onofrei at

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