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  • Rawan Almallahi

    Degradation of Bio-Based Epoxy Resins

    Chemical Engineering


    Mentor: Megan Robertson

  • Francisco Blanco

    Bryostatin-1 Effects on Mammalian Unc13 Isoforms in Hippocampal Derived HT22 Cells


    Natural Sciences & Mathematics

    Mentor: Joydip Das

  • Stephen Netzley

    Linking Safety Climate to Risk Perceptions: A Moderated Model of Accidents, Safety Climate, and Risk Perceptions


    Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

    Mentor: Christiane Spitzmuller

  • Samantha Noel

    Intra-Word Variability in Bilingual Children With Hearing Loss Who Use Cochlear Implants and Their Normal Hearing Peers

    Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

    Mentor: Ferenc Bunta

  • Alex Paul

    The First World War Hunger Blockade of Germany


    Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

    Mentor: Irene Guenther

  • Ariana Peruzzi

    Consequentialism and the Challenge of Love


    Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

    Mentor: Daniel Coates

  • Minahil Samee

    Optimization of Race Track Trajectories to Minimize Lap Completion Time

    Mechanical Engineering


    Mentor: Ralph Metcalfe

  • Priyanka Savant

    The Impact of Implementing Smart Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Management Information Science


    Mentor: Richard Scammel

  • Ane Slabic

    U-Th-Pb Chronology of Fish Bone in Petroleum Source Rocks: An Example from the Eagle Ford Group, Texas

    Earth & Atmospheric Science

    Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Mentor: Thomas Lapen

  • Chance Smith

    College Students' Opinions on Salient Social Issues: Thesis, Theory, & Pilot Study


    Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

    Mentor: Anthony Dworkin