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Lots of historical studies of the Russian Revolution have been made in English. Here is a tiny list that should interest people attending any of the “Enchanting World” events, along with a few related literary works.

Online historical resources

  • Seventeen Moments in Soviet History
    An excellent place to start learning about the Russian Revolution. Consists of short essays on important aspects of the Revolution, as well as a wonderful collection of primary sources (translated texts, images and video from the period). 
  • Russia’s Great War and Revolution
    Several short and informative essays on various topics (under “Media Content”). Part of an ongoing multivolume publication project, that considers interesting aspects of Russia’s history during the First World War, 1917 Revolution, and Russian Civil War.





  • George Orwell, Animal Farm (1945).
    Orwell’s famous allegory and critique of Russia’s Revolution and Stalinism. A musical theater adaptation by Sir Peter Hall will be performed in April at UH’s School of Theatre and Dance.