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300+ UH Students Presented Research at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Day

The following video highlights the diverse range of student research projects presented at the 14th annual Undergraduate Research Day (URD) on Thursday, October 18, 2018.

Undergraduate Research Day Numbers

  • 66%Increase in Undergraduate Student Presenters Since 2016
  • 800+Number of 2018 URD Attendees
  • 12UH Colleges Represented at 2018 URD
  • 34Academic Departments Represented at 2018 URD

2018 Audience Favorite Award Winners

  • Dontray Crump

    "Promoting Safer Sexual Behavior on the HBCU Campus Through a Focus on Ethnic Identity "

    Mentored by Chakema Carmack

  • Ari Economon

    "Science for Global Goals, the LASER Model and the Future of Science Education"

    Mentored by Alison Leland

  • Saman Essa

    "The Effects of Acculturation and Generational Status on Mental Health Perceptions Among South Asian Women in the Greater-Houston Area"

    Mentored by Anjali Kanojia

  • Malena Fassnacht

    "Development of a Timepix-Based Radiation Monitor for Analyzing Cosmic Radiation on Commercial Aircraft"

    Mentored by Lawrence Pinsky

  • Huy Hua

    "A State-Space Investigation of Cortisol Alterations in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

    Mentored by Rose Faghih

  • Rhema Ike

    "Building Structures with a Swarm of Robots"

    Mentored by Saleh Kalantari & Aaron Becker

  • John Kass

    "Effects of Brain Stimulation on Cortical Excitability in Healthy Adults: A Validation Study"

    Mentored by Pranav Parikh

  • Robert Laroche

    "Phylogenetic Relationships Among the Clownfish-Hosting Sea Anemones"

    Mentored by Ricardo Azevedo

  • Tayma Machkhas

    "Characterization of Physical Activity and Its Association with Self-Rated Health Among a Large Homeless Population"

    Mentored by Lorraine Reitzel

  • Mason Malone

    "Effects of Tort Reforms on Health Outcomes, Spending, and Procedure Choice"

    Mentored by Willa Friedman

  • Laura Pareja

    "Monitoring Calcium Levels in the Drosophila Brain Blood Barrier"

    Mentored by Brigitte Dauwalder

  • Adi Pasic

    "Mapping with Uniformly Controlled Stochastic Swarms"

    Mentored by Aaron Becker

  • Laura Quinton

    "Intersectionalities in Contemporary Latinx American Literature"

    Mentored by Guillermo de los Reyes

  • Jessica Spiehler

    "The Bioethical Implications of the Orphan Drug Act on Healthcare in the United States"

    Mentored by Richard Garner

  • Audrey Wang

    "Determining the Relationship Between Crystal Structure and Ionic Conductivity of Solid-State Electrolytes"

    Mentored by Yan Yao & Lars Grabow

  • Yash Desai & Daniel Meza

    "Smart Irrigation System"

    Mentored by Harry Le

  • Heather Dach, Selena Sierra, & Whitney Simon

    "Music Therapy: It's Effects on Patient Anxiety Intraoperatively"

    Mentored by Lenora McWilliams

  • Kevin Dang & Zainub Mallick

    "Visual Clutter and Attention in Relation to Visual Learning Experiences Across Populations"

    Mentored by Hanako Yoshida

Visit the Undergraduate Research Day webpage for more information on upcoming events!