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Criteria for Admission

  • Students must be admitted to the University of Houston. For admission to the University, please visit the University of Houston Office of Admissions.

  • Every Honors College applicant is evaluated on an individual basis. The Honors College Admissions Committee considers the high school and/or academic record, extracurricular activities, test scores and essay of each applicant. 

  • Average Honors students have graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class with a score of 1300 or above on the SAT. The committee, however, does not use these numerical norms as required thresholds for admission, and students meeting these criteria are not automatically accepted. All interested students are encouraged to apply. See the Honors Profile for more entering class information.

  • Students transferring from another institution or who are entering Honors after a semester or two at the University of Houston are not required to submit SAT or class rank information. Instead, the Admissions Committee will consider college coursework completed to date as the basis for the admission decision. Transfer or current students should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 to be considered; the Admissions Committee will also review closely the student's work in the core courses, such as English, history and mathematics. If interested, view the mid-career application.