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Application FAQs

Does Honors coursework coordinate with any degree plan?

Yes, coursework within the Honors College complements and coordinates with any degree plan. Students graduate with degrees from all the programs and colleges at the University.

If I have already sent my transcript and/or test scores to the University of Houston, do I need to send another copy to the Honors College?

No. If you have already sent transcripts or test scores to the University, you do not need to resend them to the Honors College. However, you can expedite the processing of your application to the Honors College by submitting unofficial copies of your transcripts directly to the Honors College. We will verify that your official transcripts have been received by the University Office of Admissions and process your application quicker.

Can transfer students apply to the Honors College?

Yes, the Honors College accepts both students transferring to the University of Houston and students who already have completed credit hours at the University of Houston. Please use the mid-career application for admission.

What is the turnaround time on decisions?

Admission decisions are made within approximately two to three weeks of our receipt of a completed application and all supporting documents. Admission decisions for the following fall semester occur on a rolling basis beginning in October. Admission decisions for the spring semester occur during December, contingent upon receipt of all documents.

Admission decisions are delivered by mail and e-mail and cannot be shared by phone. To confirm your  address, contact the Student Services Office at 713.743.9010 or 888.827.0366 or via email at

What are the specific requirements for the application essay?

We require a 35 page literary analysis that has a central thesis with strong supporting arguments. This can be over a book, play, short story, speech or poem. This is not a personal essay or research paper. We recommend reviewing something that you've previously written for an English class in high school that meets this criteria.

What are the minimum required GPA and test scores?

Every Honors applicant is evaluated on an individual basis. The Honors College Admissions Committee considers the high school and/or academic record, extracurricular activities, test scores* and essay of each applicant. Average Honors students have graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class with a score of 1300 or above on their SAT. The Committee, however, does not use these numerical norms as required thresholds for admission, and students meeting these criterion are not automatically accepted. Transfer or current students should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 to be considered; the Admissions Committee will also review closely the student's work in their core courses, such as English, history and mathematics. All interested students are encouraged to apply. See the Honors Profile for more entering class information.

*University of Houston admissions requirements for spring, summer, fall 2021 and spring, summer, fall 2022 are "test optional." You will select if you want your UH application to be reviewed with or without a test score. Additional information may be found here. The Honors College will continue to holistically review an applicant's criterion.

Are AP/IB/Dual Credits accepted in the Honors College?

Absolutely. For a full listing of AP and IB tests for credit, please visit the University of Houston admission site. Information on how to apply these credits to your University of Houston degree is also available at this site.