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Travel Scholarships

Students participating in an Honors College Learning Abroad or Learning Away program are eligible to apply for funding opportunities. Honors College students who are in good academic standing are eligible for some scholarship support, regardless of financial need. All scholarship decisions are determined by committee. Students are strongly encouraged to draft their personal statement prior to completing the online application. 

Lerner Family Fund Scholarship

The Lerner Family Fund Scholarship is considered gap funding and is the primary learning abroad scholarship offered by the Honors College. Honors College students who are in good academic standing are invited to apply. 

Criteria for the Lerner Family Fund Scholarship:

  • If your program is not UH-faculty-led or offered through a UH SCH-granting department, you will need to provide an articulation agreement or other document stating that the credits will be accepted by UH upon return, which will also serve as your proof of enrollment into the learning abroad program. This may be uploaded via the online application.
  • To be eligible for the Lerner Scholarship, students must apply for the IES, CITE Learning Abroad Scholarship, and the Gilman (if applicable).
  • Personal Statement of Financial Need detailing: 1) your current scholarship and financial aid awards; 2) the resources that you have that will be used toward travel (job-related income, parental support, etc.); 3) a request for a specific amount of scholarship support from the Lerner Fund; and 4) a section that describes any special financial or personal circumstances that would not be reflected in your EFC. This information should be inputted into the appropriate field on the online application.
  • Unofficial transcript showing you are in good academic standing with the University and the Honors College (3.0 GPA or higher). This may be uploaded via the online application.
  • Acknowledgment that if awarded, you will complete a post-trip survey and a thank you card for the donors who fund our learning-abroad/learning-away initiatives.
  • Lerner Scholarship recipients are required to submit pre- and post-program critical reflections. Guidelines for these reflections, and how to submit them, will be provided in award announcement letters. 
  • Other scholarships will not “stack” onto the Lerner Scholarship. As students are notified of other scholarship awards, the amount of the Lerner Scholarship will be adjusted proportionately. Students will need to notify the director of the Office of Global Engagement & Special Programs, as other award decisions come in. 
  • Lerner applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 
  • Please direct all questions to

APPLY HERE for the Lerner Family Fund Scholarship.

CITE Learning Away Scholarships

CITE Learning Away Scholarships are currently available for students traveling on faculty-led learning away programs in Spring 2019, May 2019, Summer 2019, and Fall 2019. These scholarships are open to all students, regardless of major, discipline, or membership in the Honors College. Applications from students participating in the same trip occur simultaneously, and on a ‘rolling’ basis depending upon the date of departure for approved group trips. Scholarships are intended to increase the participation of high financial need students in a variety of approved faculty-led learning away programs each semester. Faculty leading co-curricular programs should register their program with the Office of Global Engagement & Special Programs in the semester prior to travel and request approval for participating students to be eligible to apply for CITE Scholarships.

Students interested in applying for a CITE Scholarship should contact the faculty leader of the trip first, to express their interest. Faculty leaders are responsible for conveying to students eligibility criteria. The CITE Scholarship application committee will make an effort to decide on awards in a timely manner in order that awards may be disbursed to students prior to their final payments for their respective trips. 

Scholarship award amounts will vary (ranging from $250-$750), depending upon the level of students’ financial need (with priority for higher financial need) and the total number of students per trip who are applying. Students applying for CITE scholarships must submit a Personal Statement that includes (1) a detailed description of special circumstances related to family/student income or expected family contributions (EFC) in financial aid packages that would explain greater financial need; and (2) the feasible contribution by the student to the overall cost of participating in the program. This information should be inputted into the appropriate field on the online application.

Criteria for CITE Learning Away Scholarships:

  • Current UH undergraduate student, in good standing (Honors and non-Honors are eligible)
  • Participation in approved UH Faculty-Led Learning Away Program (Spring/Summer 2019)
  • 2 semesters of full-time enrollment at UH prior to, or completed at the time of, the program
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative)
  • Demonstrated high financial need, determined according to the following two criteria:
    • quantitatively: COA – (EFC + FA package) = financial aid assessment
    • qualitatively: statement of special circumstances and financial need
  • Scholarship recipients agree to submit two written critical reflections (pre-trip & post-trip)

Applications for CITE Scholarships are made through The Honors College’s Office of Global Engagement & Special Programs. After applications are reviewed and awards made, Honors College students who still have financial need will be considered for Honors College scholarships.

APPLY HERE for the CITE Learning Away Scholarship.

Additional Learning Abroad Scholarship Information:

International Education Scholarship (IES), administered by the University’s Learning Abroad Office.

Cougar Initiative to Engage (CITE) Learning Abroad Scholarship, available to undergraduate students participating in a summer 2019 UH faculty-led program. 

External Scholarships vary based on student demographics, length of program, location, and other factors.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Houston will help you review your financial aid opportunities to support your program abroad. 

Plan for your program abroad with the help of additional Financial Resources

For more information on Learning Abroad opportunities, please visit University’s Learning Abroad website.