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Human Situation Fellows

The fellows assist students through the two semesters of the Human Situation. They strive to help students learn how to think critically about the texts, develop ideas and arguments, and write articulately and clearly. 

Meet the 2017-18 Fellows and learn more about their experience in the Human Situation! 

On a weekly basis, fellows hold tutoring hours and drop-in writing labs. During tutoring hours, they work with students individually on a thesis, outline, or draft. The fellows help the students with any problems they may be having in the writing process. 

At drop-in writing labs, students have the opportunity to come in and work on their assignments on a personal laptop or in the Honors computer lab. The fellows encourage students to discuss their assignments with each other at this time. Fellows are also present to help with any questions students may have. The fellows also hold monthly workshops covering aspects of the writing process as well as helping students prepare for the Human Situation mid-term and oral final examination.

Here are the Fall 2017 tutoring hours and the Fall 2017 workshop schedule

The fellows can be reached at or at