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Policies and Notices

Paper Submission:

All papers — whether for section or lecture — must be submitted to your discussion class list at Professors will also require a separate paper submission to them in class on the due date. Your professor will provide you with 1) a TurnItIn class identification number and 2) a password in order to register with your discussion class on the web site. Please set this up immediately, using only one e-mail address for the whole semester.

Academic Honesty:

Any student caught plagiarizing on papers or cheating on examinations will be failed. For more information on academic honesty policies and procedures, see the UH Student Handbook, pages 9-14. You can also take the plagiarism quiz to test yourself. 

Absences from Lecture:

Attendance at lecture is required. Roll is taken every lecture by the Team Leader Assistants, who arrange the seating chart and any changes made to the seating configuration. Contact your professor about any absences, and make certain to get class notes from fellow students for days you missed. (For discussion group absence policies, see your professor’s syllabus.)

Recording Lectures:

Audio or video recording of a lecture can only be done with the approval of the lecturer. Make sure to ask him/her before you begin recording. 

Electronics in Lecture:

Students may not use any electronic devices during lecture (save for recording devices with the approval of lecturer, see above). This includes cellular telephones, cameras, pagers, game devices, mp3 players, and laptop computers. Students who believe they may have a legitimate reason to use an electronic device should contact Dr. Lyke to submit a request.

Disability Notice:

The University of Houston is committed to providing equal education opportunities for all students and will make reasonable academic accommodations for students identified as disabled under the law. For more information, contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 713.743.5400, or see their online explanation of policies and procedures at