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Great Leaders: Amber Moon

Amber MoonAmber Moon took analytical skills, an ability to articulate a well-reasoned argument, and a love of political science from Honors and made a career in communications and politics. Read more of Amber's Honors story...

Why did you choose Honors?

I knew I wanted to attend a big state school, but the Honors College offered a unique and much more personal learning experience in the large university setting. In the Honors College, you are never just a student ID number. Throughout my collegiate career, everyone in the Honors College—faculty, staff, and advisors—was personally invested in my education, but they invested in me financially as well. The scholarships I received from the Honors College and University of Houston afforded me an incredible education.

How did the Honors College prepare you to become a great alumni leader?

I started school as math major, but the creative and hands-on nature of Honors College classes allowed me to discover my real passion for politics. Rather than sitting in a big lecture hall for intro political science, I had the opportunity to engage in mock debates about real issues in Dr. Christine LeVeaux’s honors political science class. That class inspired me to change my major and thus my entire career path. I can say with certainty that if it weren’t for Dr. LeVeaux and that experience, I would not be doing what I am today.

What was the most profound take away that has resonated throughout the years?

The analytical skills I learned in all of my Honors classes, particularly Human Situation and Dr. Bao’s math courses, were by far the greatest takeaways from my Honors experience. The way you reached an answer was always equal to, or sometimes even more important than, actually producing the correct answer. I was constantly challenged to examine an issue from all sides in order to articulate a well-reasoned argument, a skill that has allowed me to be successful in my professional career of communications.

What's your favorite Honors memory?

My favorite memory by far was the study abroad trip to Italy that I took with Dr. Bernard. We spent the semester prior to the trip studying Italian Renaissance art, literature, and politics, but seeing the great works of Rome, Florence, and Venice in person was indescribable. I had never been abroad before, and that trip opened my eyes to the world and was the inspiration behind my love of traveling to new places.

About Amber Moon

Amber Moon graduated magna cum laude from the Honors College in 2002 with a degree in political science. She currently works as the Western Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where she handles media relations and advises candidates running for Congress from Texas to California. Previously, she served as Communications Director for the Texas Democratic Party in Austin and worked on Capitol Hill as Press Secretary for Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) and Deputy Press Secretary for former Congressman Ken Bentsen (D-TX). Amber lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Byron.