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Great Leaders Alumni Series So many Honors College alumni have gone on to make a great impact in the world. This series shares their stories—and their memories of the Honors College.


Honors College Prof Wins NEH Grant for Visual Interface Project The NEH awarded a digital humanities grant to a project led by Honors College Professor Dan Price.

Prof. Sue Collins on new book, identifying with her students Professor Sue Collins directs the Phronesis minor in politics and ethics and has a new book out: Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.

Conversations with David Mikics David Mikics explains why even an English professor might not always know how to read.


Travels in Bosnia Honors students traveled to Bosnia with Honors visiting scholar MJ Faber. Honors student Safa Ansari-Bayegan recounts a story from her travels.

Hamza Hallal's Honors Story

Study Abroad - Ireland - Spain