Great Conversation 2013 Table Topics

2013 Table Topics and Conversationalists

Honest Abe? The Lincoln We'd Like to Know Andy Achenbaum, History and Social Work

Frenemies: American Foreign Policy in the Middle East 
Dina Al-Sowayel, History and Women’s Studies

Can a Scientist Believe in God? Simon Bott, Chemistry and the Honors Program in the Health Professions

Is Failure the Best Teacher? Susan Collins, Ross M. Lence Professor and Director of Phronesis Program in Politics and Ethics

In Defense of Screw Tops Glenn Cordúa y Cruz, Director, Wine and Spirits Management Institute

The Craft Beer Movement Aaron Corsi, Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Is Light Rail Houston's Fiscal Cliff? Steve Craig, Economics and Public Finance

Union Jack, Stars and Bars, and Old Glory: The Flap About Flags Robert Cremins, Irish Novelist

The 1960s in America: A Decade of Hope and Horror
Lawrence Curry, Professor Emeritus, History

Going, Going, Gone: Doctors and the Changing Medical Profession Clifford Dacso, Director, The Abramson Family Center for the Future of Health

Highlands and High Notes (The Scotch Table) Andrew Davis, Moores School of Music

Grandparenting and the Second Half of Life 
Ted Estess, Jane Morin Cizik Chair and
Founding Dean, The Honors College

Dragon Tattoos and Hornets' Nests: The Appeal of Nordic Noir Cynthia Freeland, Philosophy

The Death of the Freshman Lecture
Andrew Hamilton, Executive Director, Academic Innovation

Homer and Bourdain: Food and Feasting, Then and Now
John Harvey, Artist-in-Residence; Center for Creative Work

Contemporary Art and Wine of Latin America 
Rex Koontz, Director, School of Art

The Political Divide: Can We Bridge Our Differences?
Alison Leland, Politics and Law

Are We Living in a Post-Racial America? Christine LeVeaux Haley, Political Science

Manners in Manors: Downton Abbey and the State of PBS Ernie Manouse, Host, Producer, and Writer: KUHT - Houston PBS

Apocalypse When? Post-Nuclear Dystopias in the Movies Martin Melosi, History 

Tier One in Tough Times: "Moneyball" in Academia 
William Monroe, Dean, The Honors College, and Robert Zaretsky, Historian

Weakness of the Will Iain Morrisson, Philosophy

Second Term Blues: Can Obama Avoid the Terrible Twos? Richard Murray, Political Analyst

Writing and Editing: Who's the Boss? Antonya Nelson, Novelist

Technology and the End of the World Dan Price, Science & Humanities

Why Great Managers Are Not Always Great Leaders 
Latha Ramchand, Dean, C.T. Bauer College of Business

The Good Divorce Cliff Redd, Associate Vice President, University Development

Egypt, Then and Now Shafik Rifaat, Architect and Urban Planner

The Spirit of Cajun Louisiana: Hurricanes, Oil Spills, and Beasts of the Southern Wild  Martha Serpas, Poet  

Man's Best Friend: Why Does the Water in the Toilet Bowl Taste Better?  Dave Shattuck and Stuart Long, Director, Honors Engineering Program/Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research

Cabernet to Zinfandel: The Basics of Tasting Wine Kevin Simon, Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Liars, Hackers, Swindlers...and Those Are Just the Journalists Steve Smith, Broadcast Journalist and Media Consultant

Hang 'Em High: Why We Love Revenge Movies Tamler Sommers, Phronesis Program in Politics and Ethics

Inspired by Patients: The Poetry of Nursing Helen Valier, Honors Program in the Health Professions

Five Books That Make Life Worth Reading
Lois Zamora, Comparative Literature and Art History