Keri Myrick - University of Houston
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Keri Myrick

Honors College Staff
Director, Office of Global Engagement & Special Programs

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Phone: 713.743.1012

Keri Myrick is director of the Office of Global Engagement and Special Programs in the Honors College at the University of Houston. Currently, Ms. Myrick is a Ph.D. Candidate in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies – Comparative & International Education. Her dissertation research examines the challenges to Syrian refugee education in Jordan through three studies: a qualitative policy analysis of emergency education response interventions; the experiences of teachers in public, double-shift, K-12 schools; and how refugee identity formation shapes student development and sense-of-belonging in adolescents. She has participated in multiple research fellowships to the Middle East, where she has examined K-20 education in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan. She is also director of the Medical Ethics & Humanitarian Aid: Service-Learning Program in Jordan

Ms. Myrick's research interests include identity development in refugee students; the influence of politics, secularism, and consociational agreements on education policy in the MENA region; and transformative-learning theory. Her recent projects consider the role of humanitarian-action-oriented learning abroad programs as a high-impact practice (HIP) and how reflective practice shapes students' pre-/post-trip perspectives. She has published on “Fostering global citizenship education through reflective practice” in the Journal of Social Studies and History Education and “Reflecting on reflecting: Summer undergraduate research students’ experiences in developing electronic portfolios” in the International Journal of ePortfolio. She and her team recently presented a case study entitled "Reflective practice and health-related study-abroad in war-adjacent and refugee communities," which analyzes student-driven data collected during the Medical Ethics & Humanitarian Aid: Service-Learning in Jordan, Summer 2019 program. 

In her administrative role, Ms. Myrick oversees the Honors College's learning- and service-abroad/away initiatives and is the faculty adviser for multiple co-curricular programs, including Model Arab League, Model United Nations, and Model G20-Summit. During her time at the University of Houston, Ms. Myrick has developed, facilitated, or led more than 30 global learning programs primarily related to the MENA region. She is also chair of the Phi Beta Kappa Society’s South-Central District, secretary of Phi Kappa Phi’s 54th Chapter, co-chair of the Comparative & International Education Society's Middle East Special Interest Group, a STAR Network Scholar, and UH's Education Liaison with the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce and the Osgood Center for International Studies.