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Course Offerings and Requirements

For the most up-to-date listing of current courses counting towards the Medicine & Society minor, refer to the Honors Coursebook.

A minor in Medicine & Society requires 15 hours of approved coursework: the foundation course “Readings in Medicine & Society” (HON 3301H) as well as four elective courses chosen from the list of courses approved for the minor.  At least two of these four electives must be taken at the advanced level; in some cases, other related coursework or internships may be applied toward the minor, with prior approval from the director.  Students must earn a 3.0 or higher in all coursework for the minor.

In addition, students must complete at least 12 hours in residence, 9 hours of which must be at the advanced level. A maximum of 6 hours of approved transfer credits may be accepted toward the minor upon the approval of the program coordinator. No more than 6 hours of a student’s major may be applied toward the minor.

So remember: everyone must take HON 3301H: Readings in Medicine & Society, and then here is a sampling of the elective courses applicable to the Medicine & Society minor:

Courses listed in Bold are currently offered for Fall 2018. Asterisks indicate Honors Colloquia.

Approved Electives

ANTH 3351H: Politics and Healthcare in Latino Communities
ANTH 3364: Disease in Antiquity
ANTH 4331H: Medical Anthropology
COMM 3300H: Health Communication
COMM 3301H: Doctor-Patient Interaction
COMM 3304H: Multicultural Health Communication
ENGL 4371H: Literature and Medicine
HIST 3303H: Disease, Health, and Medicine
 in American History*
HIST 3316H: Race & Racism in American Science and Medicine
HIST 3318H: History of American Healthcare Policy
HIST 3319H: Plagues and Pestilence
HIST 3394H: History of Madness
HIST 4361H: 20th Century Genocides*
HON 3300H: Introduction to Social Medicine*
HON 3302H: Readings in Public Health and Community Medicine
HON 3303H: Readings in Mental Health and Society
HON 3304H: Objects of Medicine
HON 3305H: Medicine in Performance

HON 3306H: Health and Human Rights
HON 3307H: Narrative Medicine
HON 3308H: Lyric Medicine
HON 3397H: Meditation and Mindfulness
HON 3397H: Metaphors of Body and Illness
HON 4301H: Science, Technology & Medicine in the Ancient World*
HON 4302H: Holocaust and Medical Ethics
HON 4397H: Hindu Bioethics
HON 4397H: Narratives in the Professions (health focus)
HON 4398H: Independent Study (with approval from Dr. Valier, health focus)
IDNS 4391H: Ethics in Science
IDNS 4392H: History of 20th Century Science
OPTO 1300H: Introduction to the Health Professions
PHIL 3354H: Medical Ethics
POLS 3353H: Policy and Administration
SOC 3380: Introduction to the Sociology of Health Care
SPAN 3343: Spanish for the Health Professions

SPAN 4343: Health & Society in the Hispanic World

Those classes marked with an are taught in multiple sections and for the class to be eligible for inclusion in the Medicine & Society minor, students must complete a section with a health focus. Further details on this are available from the program director. 

Students may petition appropriate special topics classes for up to 6 hours of credit, or 2 courses, toward the minor. The request must be approved by the Honors Dean and the Medicine & Society coordinator.

Note: Courses may be added to the approved list between editions of the catalog. Please check the most recent Honors Coursebook.