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Minor Description

The interdisciplinary Minor in Global Engagement and Research is open to baccalaureate students in all majors and degree programs. The minor is based on the idea that in an increasingly globalized environment, success requires the ability to navigate a dynamic multicultural terrain, whether in Houston, across the nation, or internationally, and that in developing that global awareness and perspective, students should build upon what they learn in the classroom through meaningful engagement with the communities they are studying and seek to understand.

Two aspects of the minor make it distinct: global is not defined as international, but more broadly, as a mode of inquiry and exploration that includes Houston and its region, the nation, and the world. This global focus is designed for the student to explore questions about how a specific place and its physical, political, economic, social, historical, and cultural topography matter to people, their values, and their relationships. Said another way, the minor and program address the question, “What difference does ‘here’ make?” Consistent with the co-curricular nature of global engagement, each elective course approved for the minor includes a significant experiential learning component; this component, including Learning Abroad/Learning Away experiences, service learning, and community research, differentiates the minor from a classroom-delimited approach to global and international studies.

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Degree Plan Requirements

A minor in Global Engagement and Research requires 15 hours of approved coursework. Students must complete at least 12 hours in residence, 9 hours of which must be at the advanced level. A maximum of 6 hours of approved transfer credits may be accepted toward the minor upon the approval of the program director. No more than 6 hours of a student’s major may be applied towards the minor. Academic petitions for approval of coursework not listed below that can be applied to the minor will be made to the director of the Global Engagement and Research minor and the Dean of the Honors College. Students must earn a 3.0 GPA or higher in all coursework counted toward the minor. In addition to the curricular requirements, the minor will require students to complete three experiential learning excursions (approved and documented) from at least two categories—local, national, and international. At least one of the excursions must last at least 10 days.

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