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Required Courses (6 hours)

HON 3360H: Principles and Practices of Global Engagement
This course is the gateway to the Honors College minor in Global Engagement and provides a theoretical, ethical and experiential learning framework for participation in academic, co-curricular and professional travel programs. It emphasizes principles of critical reflection, cultural awareness, personal accountability and ethical engagement that serve to enhance learning experiences in the context of local, national and international communities. The concept of global engagement begins with an examination of the principles of citizenship in diverse societies, creating a foundation for an orientation toward critically reflective learning. This course is only offered in the fall term.

HON 3361H: Global Engagement and Research
This is an interdisciplinary reading and research seminar on the economic, cultural, political, historical and technological components of global engagement. Discussion will focus on the strengths and limitations of various research methodologies, and individuals will complete a research project.

Approved Electives (9 hours)

Elective courses listed below, along with corresponding experiential learning components, are necessary for the Global Engagement and Research minor. Academic petitions for approval of coursework not listed below that can be applied to the minor should be made to both the director of the Global Engagement and Research minor and the dean of the Honors College. Students must earn a 3.0 average GPA or higher in all coursework counted toward the minor.

Featured Elective, Fall 2023

HON 3397H – America in the Progressive Era TTh 1-2:30 Modaff (20733)

What is an American? How did we end up with the ideas we now have about national unity, division, race, gender, and multiculturalism? Where does the word “progressive” come from, and has Progressivism historically been a force for inclusion or for exclusion? This seminar explores ideas about difference, identity, and American belonging in the “Progressive Era” (1877-1924), a time of conflict, inequality, and change. This time of continent-wide activism spawned the intellectual, legal, and social structures that shape our present moment.

View of books in the Alexandria library
ANTH 4361: Migration, Borders, and Citizenship
ARTH 3312*: Pre-Columbian Art
BIOL 4302H*: GalápaGO! Research-based Learning Abroad
BUSI 4335/FINA 4335*: Brainstorming to Bankrolling
COMM 4389: Media for Social Justice: Digital Media & Activism in Latin America & Houston
EDUC 2301: Intro to Special Populations
ENRG 4397H: Ecologies of Being
HDFS 4315: Culture & Diversity in Human Development
HIST 4318: Oil & Africa
HIST 4386: Africa from 1945 to Present
HIST 4397: Health & Healing in Africa
HIST 4397: Love & African Revolutions
HON 3306H: Health & Human Rights
HON 3332: Mapping Success
HON 3331H: Introduction to Civic Engagement
HON 3397H: Affordable Sustainable Housing
HON 3397H*: Creative Cities
HON 3397H: Heterodoxy: An Intellectual History
HON 3397H*: International Relations and Forced Migration
HON 3397H*: Springtime/Summer/Fall in the City
HON 3397H: Your World, Your Voice
HON 4298: Grand Challenges Forum
HON 4315H*: Artists at Work/Artists & Their Regions
HON 4397H: Debating Domestic Policy 
HON 4397H: Israel, Ancient & Modern
IART 1300*: The Arts in Society
IART 2300*: The Arts in Houston
INTB 3355: Global Environment of Business
MANA 4347: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
POLS 3315: International Organizations
POLS 3352H: Immigration: Politics and Policy in the U.S.
POLS 4396: Model United Nations
SOCW 4301: Internship in Human Services
SPAN 4343: Health & Society in the Hispanic World
WGSS 3321: Gender in Transnational Perspective
*Indicates a course with a pre-approved excursion component
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