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Honors in Community Health (HICH) seeks to build healthy communities through a multidisciplinary approach to overcoming barriers for underserved populations. This collaborative, student-led organization uses its understanding of the social determinants of health to explore multiple types of service: community engagement, advocacy and research. HICH provides all students at the University of Houston the opportunity to design, implement and lead a wide variety of community health projects. Through support from the Honors College, HICH members are given the opportunity to pursue projects that best suit their interests, values and goals.





Membership fee: $15 per academic year

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Our current members, who collectively contribute perspectives from business, math, science, education, engineering and other disciplines, work together to create measurable and sustainable impacts for our Houston communities. Students who demonstrate a high level of commitment and participation will have the opportunity to design their own community health projects and develop valuable leadership skills.

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Featured Projects

  • breathe-logo.png

    The Better Respiratory Education Targeting Houston's Elementary (BREATHE) program is designed to help asthmatic and non-asthmatic elementary-age children learn about asthma, respiration and their environment. At its core, we aim to help students build better health awareness and provide the tools that enable them to advocate for themselves. As a volunteer, you will be facilitating lessons using interactive activities, breathing exercises, yoga and more!

  • creative-care-logo.jpg

    The goal of the Creative Care project is to work in collaboration with Cuney Homes to increase mental health outcomes through a curriculum that encourages self-expression, physical activity and reflective writing. The Creative Care project is dedicated to providing a safe space for the children to be themselves and gain the tools needed to deal with stressors in their lives. Volunteers will develop and facilitate weekly creative wellness workshops for elementary and middle school-aged children.

  • peers-logo-for-hich-website.png

    Project Engaging Encouraging Rising Students (PEERS), supported by the University of Houston, Honors College, Community Health Workers Initiative and the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute, focuses on encouraging STEM education and providing mentorship to underserved students in grades 9-12. PEERS grew from and embodies the model of Community Health Workers (CHWs) as simultaneous educators and advocates. Initially conceived in a CHW class, this program pairs high school students and the University of Houston undergraduates to create long-lasting, effective and engaging community projects that are meaningful and relevant. In addition, facilitating community engagement through collaboration and project-based learning encourages both our undergraduate and high school participants to pursue academic and professional development to advocate for improved health outcomes in their communities. Each student team presents their final project at the PEERS competition to compete for a monetary prize.

  • rr-logo-for-hich-website.png

    Responsive Resourcing aims to support the local community members during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond by assisting community health workers (CHWs) in resource matching. Our goal is to help CHWs enable community members with the right tools to address their individual needs. By doing so, we are bringing awareness to existing resources in the Houston area to ensure that they do not go to waste. As volunteers, you will be getting an exclusive look as to what CHWs do through feedback loop meetings and several in-person volunteer opportunities as well as learning about common health barriers through fun and interactive workshops.

  • WEAR


    The Wildlife and Environmental Advocacy and Relief (WEAR) program, partnered with Shearn Elementary, emphasizes youth engagement with nature and wildlife by providing mentorship to underserved 5th grade elementary students. Through engaging project based activities, WEAR aims to build students’ capacity to enhance their environmental quality of life. Undergraduate mentors will be paired with 5th grade students to create sustainable, long-lasting projects and attend related field trips in the Greater-Houston area in hopes to achieve measurable improvements to students’ attitudes towards urban environmentalism. Additionally, WEAR aims to foster meaningful relationships between the University of Houston and underserved populations such as Shearn to facilitate community engagement and encourage students to connect with their environment.

Recruitment and Development

Recruitment and Development (R&D) provides the backbone to all HICH activities and serves as the communication link that facilitates the flow of information between the various projects within HICH and its members. As part of the R&D team, we welcome and recruit prospective members of all backgrounds and majors.

Directors: Olivia Tran and Sara Syed

Membership Coordinators: Amenda Khoei, Thai Tran, Xiomara Sustaita

Project Head Coordinators: Iman Momin, Audrey Huang, Vivienne Pham

Outreach Coordinators: Huriyah Hasnain, Tammy Tran, Nicole Perez


Email: uh.hich@gmail.com

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