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Energy Management and Policy (EMAP) Group at the University of Houston


EMAP is an interdisciplinary group of scholars with a global focus who study issues raised by energy/environmental management and policy. It includes six major centers on the University of Houston campus: the Global Energy Management Institute in the Bauer College of Business; the Energy, Natural Resources and Environment Center in the Law Center; the Hobby Center for Public Policy; the Center for Public History; TIMES (The Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics; and Global Studies in the Bauer College of Business. Individual faculty members from other departments on campus are also included. EMAP is a part of UH-Energy, a broader initiative that encourages collaboration among all faculty members with interests in energy and the environment. Learn more about EMAP.


Jim Granato Discusses Wall Street Reform on KUHT's Red, White and Blue

Hobby Center for Public Policy director Jim Granato joined George Ball, chairman of the Sanders Morris Harris Group, to discuss Wall Street reform. View this segment from Red, White and Blue on KUHT-Channel 8 which aired on August 19, 2010.



Hobby Center for Public Policy Launches Inside Policy & Politics Blog

Houston Chronicle readers can now interact with the Hobby Center for Public Policy (HCPP) through our Inside Policy & Politics blog. As one of the blogs featured by the Chronicle's City Brights section, Inside Policy & Politics promises to bring readers the latest information on research and analysis  taking place at the University of Houston's Hobby Center for Public Policy. Topics for discussion will be diverse and timely as you hear from experts such as Jim Granato, Richard Murray, Barton Smith, Bill Hobby, Renée Cross, and numerous others.

Hobby Center Director to Lead Research for Greater Houston NGV

Professor Jim Granato, director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy (HCPP) at the University of Houston, has been appointed president of the newly created Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance.  In his capacity, Granato will lead research and data analysis of issues relating to the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Read the media release.

Current Training on Future Social Scientists Evaluated at NSF Event

On October 29, 2009, the Political Science Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) convened a Workshop to evaluate the progress that the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) initiative – the program to unify formal and empirical analysis – had made since it was first introduced in 2002. More importantly, given that funding for all EITM initiatives end in the summer of 2010 it was deemed appropriate to determine whether to make EITM a continuing focus of the Political Science Program at NSF – and to consider whether to extend the initiative to other social science disciplines. The Hobby Center for Public Policy headed this workshop and brought together some of the nation's best social scientists to strategize about the future of their research fields and how best to prepare the next generation. Download the full report. Read the media release.  



Dr. Granato is a Member of NSF-Funded Focus Group on Funding for Research Portals and Gateways





University of Houston Professor Jim Granato Explains the Mathematics of Trillion on FOX 26 Morning News



Exploring Mathematics of Trillion Updated: Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010, 11:10 AM CST
Published : Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010, 11:10 AM CST


There was a time when one million dollars seemed like an unimaginable sum of money, but in 2010, a lot of people have had $1 million during their lives.


A 2005 report found that almost 9 percent of Americans were millionaires, although the U.S. economic recession has likely caused a decrease in that amount. Read the full article.




Policy Moves are Slowing Economy


Are a series of federal policy actions directed at strengthening the financial system undermining the effectiveness of the monetary policy tools traditionally employed by the Federal Reserve? Jim Granato, director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy, discusses this possibility in the April 26 Houston Chronicle editorial.



Community-Based Participatory Research Workshop: Challenges and Solutions for Researchers and Community Leaders 


On Friday, April 10, 2009 the University of Houston's Hobby Center for Public Policy co-hosted a community research workshop at the Hilton University of Houston. This one day workshop brought together academics, applied practitioners and community advocates together to discuss the most effective ways to conduct research within a community, particularly with hard to reach populations. The Workshop was sponsored by the Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics (JERHRE), the Hobby Center for Public Policy, and the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health.



Hobby Center for Public Policy Survey of Texas Lottery Players Finds Steady Participation 


The primary goal of the Hobby Center for Public Policy's (HCPP) demographic study for the Texas Lottery Commission is to provide a snapshot of who is most likely to engage in the state's lottery games. The 2008 survey marks the second consecutive year the HCPP has completed the study. Led by Dr. Timothy Hellwig, the 2008 results were similar to many of the 2007 findings, with a few exceptions. "The 2008 survey found an overall participation rate of 38.82 percent compared to 38.47 percent the previous year," said HCPP Director Jim Granato. "This stable rate of participation marks the first time in recent years that the participation rate did not decline." Read the media release about the HCPP Survey of Texas Lottery Players. Learn more by reading the 2008 report. If you want to compare the last two year's findings, review the 2007 report.



UH Moment: "Hobby Center for Public Policy" - Dr. Granato Talks to KUHF 88.7 FM About the Center 


Houston is a microcosm of the world. Researchers at the University of Houston's Hobby Center for Public Policy find what happens here is an indication of what may happen across the country or around the world. Hear about it in this UH Moment.



Hobby Center for Public Policy to Study Houston Housing Market, Foreclosure 


The Hobby Center for Public Policy is the recipient of a grant from the National Science Foundation to study Houston's regional housing market, particularly significant in the wake of the nation's crisis in leading financial institutions. Read more about this grant and the project to be done in partnership with the UH Institute for Regional Forecasting (IRF) to help create a comprehensive Houston area real estate database. Read an article about this grant by The Daily Cougar and the Houston Business Journal.