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The OpEd Project Aims to Elevate Diverse Voices


What: The Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public Affairs is hosting a day-long Op-Ed Project. The OpEd Project is a national organization who’s mission is to empower underrepresented voices to contribute to the national conversation and see ourselves as public intellectuals. The workshop is also an opportunity to form community with other faculty across UH. Here’s a blurb on the workshop from the OpEd Project:  

“In this highly-interactive, energetic workshop, we explore the source of credibility and how to establish it; how to present ideas quickly and powerfully under pressure; the components of powerful, evidence-based argument; the difference between being “right” and being effective; and strategies for making a greater impact, including how to escape a pigeonhole, how to preach beyond the choir, and the value of seeing your argument as part of a bigger picture—and yourself as part of a larger public conversation. You’ll expand the way you think about your particular expertise, discover tools that help you “translate” niche ideas into large themes, and explore how to pitch your ideas. You will leave the workshop with concrete results, including a draft outline of an op-ed in hand, and will have ongoing access to OpEd Project resources, events and mentors.”

When and Where: February 6, 2023, from 9 am- 5 pm, in the Rockwell Pavilion of the MD Anderson Library

Who can apply: Any level of faculty at UH is eligible to apply for this program. Applications are especially welcomed from those faculty members who are interested in providing underrepresented groups with a more public voice and impact.  Application

Do I need to have a total project or completed idea worked out ahead of time to join? No, definitely not. You need to have a rough idea of an issue or two you might like to write a national op-ed about.  

What is the level of commitment needed? Be present for the whole day of workshop, February 6.  As part of the workshop and afterwards, draft an Op-Ed.  Work with your assigned Op-Ed Project media mentor on revising and submitting your Op-Ed, by the end of spring Semester 2023.  That’s it!

I can’t make the whole day on Monday, Feb 6. Can I still join? We really want people who can commit to being there for the whole workshop. Please clear your calendar if accepted.

Where can I learn more about the OpEd project?  Here:

Is this workshop only about writing an Op-Ed? No. It’s about leadership and empowerment to be public intellectuals and broaden impact. Writing an op-ed is the first step in a method that elevates voices across all media spectrums. The workshop can be the first part of a longer collaboration, both between individual faculty at the OpEd project and the Elizabeth Rockwell Center.

Will there be food at the workshop? Yes, full breakfast and lunch.

Who do I contact if I have questions? Johanna Luttrell, Assistant Director of the EDR Center, at