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Think and Do Lunch Series on Social and Racial Disparities in Public Policy

Interview 1: Voting and Voter Suppression 

Interview 2: Housing

Interview 3: Health and Health Care

The Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public Affairs and Center for Civic and Public Policy Improvement sponsors three interactive Zoom “Think and Do” lunch events during the fall semester. The events will consist of a brief conversation with a local expert on social and racial disparities in voting, housing, and health, and then breakout room discussions (ideally consisting of UH students and Houston community members) about these issues. The events will conclude with questions for the expert and a link to a resource page with more information about the topic. Session are fast-moving and participatory and last no more than 45 minutes.

Previous Speakers Include:
2020 Raven Douglas, Move Texas Topic 1: Voter Rights, Accessibility, and Suppression in Harris County
2020 Chrishelle Palay, HOME Coalition Topic 2: Housing - Confronting Disparities, Creating Equity
2020 Dr. Laura Guerra-Cardus, Children’s Defense Fund Topic 3:Medicaid Expansion in Texas Watch Lecture