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UH buildings with Houston skyline

Central to the Hobby School’s mission is to implement policies in real-world environments through empathy, partnerships and communication. The CONNECT program supports the Houston community in an innovative capacity by connecting the skills of University of Houston’s graduate students with local nonprofits seeking assistance to tackle data and evaluation projects.

The CONNECT program activates technical learning and builds capacity and interest in greater data, measurement and evaluation methods within community organizations. The program utilizes: a personalized, high-touch intake process; an online platform and matching procedure to ensure a good fit between organization and student; and customized project support leading to high-quality actionable deliverables.

Students receive fellowships to recognize program participation.

The Hobby School is collaborating with the University of Texas at Austin’s RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs to launch the University of Houston’s CONNECT program. The Hobby School is the first university to pilot the RGK Center’s CONNECT program.


Check this page for forthcoming details and deadlines.