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Fellowships in Human Rights





In conjunction with Oxford Consortium for Human Rights, and in partnership with University of Houston's Honors College and the UH College of Law, The Civitas Program sponsors fellowships for annual, intensive seminars in International Human Rights. The goal of these fellowships is to connect top UH students who are interested in careers in human rights-related fields with elite, international contacts and experience.

March trip to Oxford University:

In March, fellowships sponsor UH students to travel to Oxford University, in the U.K, for a week-long intensive seminar in "Human Rights in and After Conflict". Areas of study include human rights in and after conflict, humanitarian action, conflict trends, human rights law, and peacemaking with a focus on recent armed conflicts. The module is a healthy mix of seminars, working groups, and student presentations.  The workshop will be led by Dr. Hugo Slim of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict and Head of Policy for the International Committee of the Red Cross. Seminars and workshops also feature representatives and stories from Doctors without Borders, Oxfam International, and the International Red Cross.

Autumn trip to the United Nations:

Each October, fellowships sponsor UH students to travel to the United Nations in New York to participate in a week-long intensive seminar on "Human Rights, Development, and Community Action Planning". Students meet with U.N. officials and experts and activists in development order to: Engage in a dialogue that critically examines the current discourse on human rights and structural violence; Explore and understand the current policy framework surrounding human rights and the right to development; Recognize the common underlying and systemic causes of violence and marginalization in global and local contexts; And most importantly, learn how to work collaboratively within a community to effect grassroots change.

Fizza Razza, Honors College graduate and 2015 Participant, describes the experience of the workshops thusly:

"The Oxford fellowship program was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have always wanted to go into human rights, but it is sometimes very hard to maintain hope that change is possible. The program showed me that many people are working for goals that are similar to mine. The fact that they're all from different backgrounds provides great insights into global issues. I'm confident that together we will be able to actually make this world a better place."

Calls for applications for each fellowship announced on this site. The call for the 2016 March Oxford workshop is forthcoming.

For more information on fellowships: contact Dr. Johanna Luttrell at

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For more information about the annual March trip to Oxford University, see:!oxford/cvlc

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