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New Executive Chef is the Perfect Fit

Join us in welcoming Executive Chef Thomas Valdivieso to the Hilton University of Houston!

Chef Thomas will oversee daily operations at the Eric’s Restaurant kitchen and our hotel’s banquet kitchen, lead training and development of kitchen staff, and create special menus for hotel and College events.

He will also work with our students, faculty and guest chefs during College events such as Gourmet Night and Hospitality Industry Hall of Honor.

Before coming to Hilton UH, Chef Thomas served as the research and development chef for the Houston Independent School District. He has 18 years of industry experience, and his love for cooking began in childhood, while helping his mother in the kitchen.

Although becoming a chef had always been at the back of his mind, he first took a different path. He earned his BA in marketing from Michigan State University, and went to work as a financial advisor. Finding that he wanted to take his culinary ambitions further, he enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America and received an associate’s degree in occupational studies in culinary arts.

Chef Thomas joined our hotel staff in July. His favorite part of the job, thus far, has been getting to know the exceptional group of people who work at the College and hotel.

“There is such a sense of family here. Everyone is considerate of one another and they don’t hesitate to help each other out,” he said. “I look forward to making lasting, worthwhile contributions here by promoting excellence in the F&B industry.”

(Photo: Pearl Cajoles)