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Curriculum & Instructions M.Ed Fall Deadline (Intl)

Saturday, May 1, 2021

5:00 pm -

Curriculum & Instructions - Art Education

College of Education
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The Masters Program in Curriculum & Instruction - Art Education produces graduates who excel at art instruction as well as understand the criticism, technology and curriculum that shape the field.  However, many students serve in the wider community, in museums or other community arts organizations.  Students may choose to pursue the state of Texas Art Teaching Certification (Early Childhood-12th grade) and a Master’s Degree simultaneously.

The Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction prepares aspiring scholars and researchers to meet today’s challenges to education in multicultural urban settings. The Houston metropolitan area, with over one and a half million K-12 students, is a laboratory of practice for our Ph.D. students from nearby and from around the world. Here, they can engage in inquiry on critical issues and needs germane to education in an increasingly diverse society.

Curriculum & Instructions - Early Childhood Education

College of Education
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The Early Childhood Education emphasis is designed to meet the educational needs of researchers who seek to improve their investigative and instructional skills in early childhood education settings within urban environments. Courses, field experiences, and research studies are complemented with progressively more involved curricula encompassing young children in group settings within public and private settings. Such training is the best possible preparation for careers in higher education, in schools as educational leaders and in child-related agencies.

Curriculum & Instructions - Learning, Designing and Technology

College of Education
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The Master’s program in Curriculum & Instruction - Learning, Design & Technology systematically prepares education, health care, and business professionals to create, deliver and analyze instruction and improve performance using effective technology tools. The program provides opportunities to learn new and innovative skills to integrate the latest technologies in teaching and learning. There is a strong connection between course activities and implementing and improving practices in an instructional setting.

Curriculum & Instructions - Mathematics Education

College of Education
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The Master’s program in Curriculum and Instruction - Mathematics Education produces educators in mathematics who are well versed in current research and theories about mathematics learning and teaching. Graduates teach mathematics at all levels, from early childhood through college, and serve as leaders across the field. The program focuses on analysis of theories about curriculum development and implementation, learning and assessment, equity in mathematics education and becoming an agent of change in mathematics education.

Curriculum & Instructions - Reading, Language Arts, and Literacy Education 

College of Education
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The M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction -Reading, Language Arts, and Literature Education offer graduates two options to prepare for positions in literacy education:
  • A Master’s degree without certification – This option enables the students and advisors to tailor a degree plan specific to interests in literacy education. Students interested in this route may be previously certified to teach or interested in learning more about research in the field.
  • A Master’s Degree with Teacher certification – In addition to providing students with research skills, this option provides preparation for 3 different possible certifications:
  1. Standard Teacher Certification in English, Language Arts, and Reading 
  2. Reading Specialist Certification
  3. Master Reading Teacher

The doctoral program in Reading, Language Arts, and Literature concentrates on the effective teaching of reading, writing, and communicating. Literacy development, content area reading, clinical diagnosis, the psychology of reading, reading comprehension, and the analysis of reading programs and other curriculum materials in language arts are studied in advanced seminars. In addition, this program provides for advanced study in literature for children and young adults. Graduates from the program are university professors, literacy curriculum specialists, school administrators, and campus literacy coaches.

Curriculum & Instructions - Science Education

College of Education
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The Master’s program in Curriculum & Instruction-Science Education prepares individuals for a rigorous and rewarding career in science education. Students will undertake a concentrated plan of course work and professional activity in order to:
  • Become more proficient in teaching science
  • Gain an understanding of the nature of science, inquiry-based instruction, and environmental and science/societal issue investigations
  • Learn how to teach in a diverse and complex school environment

The doctoral program with an emphasis in Science Education prepares graduates to fill a variety of leadership positions in education. The many graduates have assumed positions as: science education researchers and teacher trainers at universities; science supervisors in school systems; science teachers at pre-college and college levels; educational specialists at zoos, planetariums, and museums; and directors of training programs in business and industry. The degree serves to bridge the career aspirations of the candidate with his or her expertise and experiences. It places emphasis upon research and scholarly activity in the areas of curriculum development, teaching skills and instructional strategies, and theories of learning. A major focus is the improvement of scientific and technological literacy of school-age children and adults in the U.S. 

Curriculum & Instructions - Social/History Education

College of Education
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The Master’s Program in Curriculum & Instruction - Social Studies/Social Education focuses on “powerful” teaching and learning of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It emphasizes education that is meaningful, integrated, challenging, value-based, and active. It also suggests a broader perspective that incorporates knowledge, skills, and dispositions that facilitate active citizenship and global perspectives.

The doctoral program in Social Studies Education is designed to prepare college instructors, researchers, curriculum leaders, and teachers who are able to draw upon the social and behavioral sciences to understand and investigate problems in education. Program students are encouraged to select course work and learning experiences that are relevant to their own professional academic goals. The student may select a theme that will provide an interdisciplinary basis for his or her program. The program also provides for attention to the teaching of social issues, the social sciences and history as well as to such topics as curriculum construction, controversial issues, the conduct of inquiry, and political socialization.

Curriculum & Instructions - Teaching and Teacher Education

College of Education
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This area of emphasis provides the student with an intensive study of curricular and teacher effectiveness. It has been designed to enable educational practitioners-teachers, supervisors, staff developers, administrators, and those who aspire to be involved in curriculum development or teacher preparation and training at the university or college level to engage in stimulating, in-depth study and research with nationally recognized faculty. The experiences have been carefully planned to provide a mixture of knowledge, research, and practical experience. 

Curriculum & Instructions - Elementary Education

College of Education 
Link to Graduate Catalog M.Ed. Program | Dr. Samuel Brower - Elementary Education

The Master’s Program in Curriculum & Instruction -Elementary Education guides students to extend their pursuit of excellence as teachers (Early Childhood – 6th grade).  They are prepared to assume roles as professionals with exceptional teaching skills and aspirations.  The program ultimately prepares graduates for leadership in the improvement of education in metropolitan settings which is a central focus of the program. The program provides the best possible preparation for careers as Elementary teachers and leaders in schools and child-related agencies such as hospitals, industry, mental health, and associated fields.

Curriculum & Instructions - Teaching and learning for Health Science 

College of Education
Link to Graduate Catalog M.Ed. Program | Dr. Robert Hausmann - Teaching and Learning for health Science

The University of Houston offers an online Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction which emphasizes teaching and learning for health science professionals. Courses are taught by University of Houston College of Education faculty and the degree is awarded by the University of Houston. The program is designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in health science education and course content focuses on teaching and learning in academic health science settings. The instructors utilize academic activities that students can use in their professional lives as they explore best practices in teaching, learn to design and conduct research and investigate the uses of instructional technology in an educational environment.

Dr. Sheng Chung - Art Education
Dr. Nicole Andrews - Early Childhood Education
Dr. Sara McNeil - Learning, Designing and Technology
Dr. Jennifer Chauvot - Mathematics Education
Dr. Laveria Hutchison - Reading, Language Arts & Literacy Education
Dr. John Ramsey - Science Education
Dr. Cameron White - Social/History Education