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Optometry OD Fall Deadline (Intl & Dom)

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

5:00 pm -

College of Optometry
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The College of Optometry is one of the university’s thirteen colleges. Established in 1952, the college moved in 1976 to a new building, now named the J. Davis Armistead Building. In 2013, the College expanded into the Health and Biomedical Building 1 which was built adjacent to, and connected with the Armistead building, making the optometric facility one of the most modern in the world. Approximately, one hundred and five students are admitted into the professional optometric program each year from the United States and other countries.  The college not only educates students planning to practice optometry, but also offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in physiological optics/vision science for students planning careers in teaching and research.  Students who have a degree in biological or physical science or biomedical engineering with a special interest in vision or who are graduates of an optometry school or other professional health program may want to consider entering the graduate program.

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