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UH Graduate School Calendar

Biochemistry PhD Fall Late Deadline (Intl & Dom)

Thursday, April 1, 2021

5:00 pm -

College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Link to Graduate Catalog PhD Program

The Department of Biology and Biochemistry¬†offers a program of research and study leading to a PhD degree in Biochemistry. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree will be awarded after students have successfully completed the following requirements. Students may satisfy the degree requirements by completing at least 54 approved semester hours if entering the program with a bachelor’s degree, or 24 hours if entering with a Master’s degree; satisfactorily completing the laboratory rotations and formal graduate level course requirements including seminars; enrolling in at least six semester hours of dissertation courses; and completing and defending a dissertation acceptable to the dissertation committee. All students must be continuously enrolled full time until the degree requirements are complete.