Patrick Peters, Director of GDBS

The Graduate Design/Build Studio designs and constructs for regional non-profit organizations site specific solutions to climate-influenced building problems.

Master of Architecture students are offered the opportunity to see their ideas evolve from initial conception to completed construction. The studio demonstrates the full-scale implications of the students' aspirations and measures the quality of their design thinking against the rigorous standard of built reality.

Each project creates an opportunity for close and direct interaction with a client group, resulting in a more personal and immediate view of the architect's impact on creating local community.

Robert Lindsey and Paul Lodholz created the UH Graduate Design/Build Studio in 1990 to offer graduate students hands-on experience with building construction. In the early years, the first few projects focused on traditional timber construction, including a playground, a heavy timber storage barn, and a bandstand. As the program evolved, the projects commissions became more comprehensive and complex. Since 1996, the Graduate Deisgn/Build Studio has collaborated with various public elementary schools to enhance their programs by building outdoor classrooms. Each project is designed with attention to the surrounding environment, with the intent of taking full advantage of the available natural resources.

The award winning work of the studio has consistently inspired families, public institutions, and corporations to contribute pro-bono services and in-kind donations, which benefit the students of architecture, the non-profit client agencies and the community as a whole. Inquiries regarding future projects and project sponsorship are welcome.