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Fulbright Faculty Advisors

Fulbright Faculty Advisors are available to assist applicants from the University of Houston throughout the Fulbright application process. Fulbright Faculty Advisors are availble to review and provide feedback on your Fulbright application and may also help you further refine your research interests. Fulbright Faculty Advisors encompass a wide range of academic disciplines, including social sciences, natural sciences, and the humanities. Please contact the UH Fulbright Student Program Advisor if you feel that your area of interest is not represented.


Vera Adams

Architecture Associate Professor (Adjunct) and research areas include history and theory of city planning and urban design; development of urban systems; and comparative world cities.
Dietmar Froehlich Architecture Architect. Academic interests include the exploration of cinema, electronic media, and architecture.
Education and Media
Temple Northup Media Production, Multimedia Design Interested in how media affects our lives, especially its impact on beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Experienced in all facets of multimedia design and production.
Bernard Robin Learning, Design, and Technology Integration of technology into the curriculum, educational uses of multimedia and digital storytelling, and the design and development of community-based websites.
Fine Arts and Performing Arts
Rex Koontz Art Archaeology, art history, and the digital humanities. Interested in the way digital humanities can aid visual analysis. Has experience in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, particularly the state of Veracruz and Mexico City.
Alexander Parsons Creative Writing Novelist and associate professor of creative writing.
Matthew Dirst Moores School of Music Harpsichordist and organist. Research interests include the music of the Bach family, the Couperins, the Scarlattis, Bach reception, Baroque performance practice, and the social history of Western music in the 18th and 19th centuries. Study abroad experience in Europe.
Timothy Hester Moores School of Music Professor of Piano and Director of Keyboard Collaborative Studies at the University of Houston's Moores School of Music. Also serves on the faculty of the Houston Grand Opera Studio. A performing artist who also specializes in the pedagogical aspects of solo and collaborative musicianship. Has had extensive experience performing abroad.
Barbara Lange Moores School of Music Ethnomusicologist with a primary focus on Eastern Europe. Current research interests include the free improvisation and avant-garde music scenes in Texas.
Rob Shimko Theater Theatre Historian. Academic interests include seventeenth-century theatre historiography, political drama in the English Civil War and Restoration periods, and dramaturgical theory.
Language and Cultural Studies
Hosam Aboul-Ela English Associate professor of postcolonial literature, literary theory, and American literature. Current research examines literary culture and empire in the US in the post-World War II era.
Lauren Zentz English Reserach focuses on language learning and language policies. Has studied in France, Canada, and Indonesia.
Anadeli Bencomo Hispanic Studies

Professor of Hispanic Studies. Academic interests include Latin American narrative, contemporary Mexican literature, Latin American film, and Spanish language. 

Guillermo De Los Reyes Hispanic Studies

Associate Professor of Latin American Culture and Literature. Research interests include Colonial Mesoamerica, Latin American cultural studies, policy studies, and gender and sexuality theory.

Chatwara S. Duran Engish

Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics. Expertise in language teaching and learning, and ethnographic fieldwork. Studied in Thailand and Denmark.

Francesca Behr Modern and Classical Languages Latin and Greek Literature including material culture and Archaeology as well as Women/gender approaches to ancient literature and culture. Italian studies with special emphasis on Renaissance and women writers of the Renaissance.
Hildegard Glass Modern and Classical Languages 19th and 20th century German literary and cultural studies with a particular interest in avant-garde movements. Representations of the Holocaust (in narrative, film, and image).
Marie Hernandez Modern and Classical Languages Professor of World Cultures and Literature. Research interests include theories of globalization, historiography, religious studies, ethnography, Latin American studies, Latino studies, and gender studies.
Sharon Xiao-Hong Wen Modern and Classical Languages Professor of Applied Linguistics and Chinese Language Acquisition and the Director of the Chinese Studies Program at UH. Research areas include studies of affective factors, acquisition of Chinese as a second language, and research-based curriculum design and instruction.
Natural Sciences and Engineering
Eric Bittner Chemistry Theoretical chemistry; condensed matter physics; non-linear phenomena; photo-voltaics; electron transfer dynamics; biophysics. Study abroad experience in Canda, the UK, and France.
Tony Frankino Biology Associate Professor and Evolutionary Biologist. Current research interests include the evolution of insect wing shape, absolute wing size, and the allometric relationships between the wings and other traits as focal systems.
Craig Glennie Civil and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering.  Research interests include the use of remote sensing techniques and geospatial analysis for Earth Science applications.
Rupa Iyer Biotechnology Expert in the development of interdisciplinary research based programs with applications in environmental biotechnology. Currently collaborating with St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India and Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco.
Julia Wellner Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Marine geologist who uses sedimentology and high-resolution geophysical data to reconstruct recent Earth history. Primary specialty is on using glacial-marine records to determine ice-sheet behavior. Has completed ten field seasons in Antarctica and has also worked in Chilean Patagonia.
Social Sciences
Julia Babcock Psychology Clinical psychologist specializing in couples therapy, intimate partner violence, and emotional regulation. Conducts research primarily in the U.S.A. and Canada but has traveled extensively and is interested in extending research on intimate partner violence internationally.
Kairn Klieman History Associate Professor and African Historian. Academic interests include the pre-colonial history of central Africa and the effects of the international oil industry in the Gulf of Guinea, Africa.
Susan Scarrow Political Science Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at UH. Academic interests include the issues of representation and political participation in parliamentary democracies.

Ling Zhu

Political Science

Assistant Professor, and research areas include social inequality and social policy, health care politics, and health care management. 


Driss Benhaddou

Engineering Technology

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director. Areas of expertise include optical networking, sensor networks, switching system design, routing protocols, performance analysis, and optical instrument development for defect recognition of semiconductors.