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  • Review the University of Houston’s Farmers’ Market Policy here (PDF)
  • Review the University of Houston’s Farmers’ Market Flowchart (PDF).
  • A Farmers Market Permit request should be submitted for each vendor as well as any other permit request that are applicable.
  • Send all Farmers’ Market permit requests to foodsafety@uh.edu
  • A vendor will not be considered for review until all documents have been submitted with their food permit. Incomplete request will not be reviewed.
  • The flowchart, which lists the specific documents needed for the different type of vendors, may be used as a guide to ensure that you may have all of the appropriate documents prior to submitting their request. Any missing information or documents will be requested and will delay the review process.
  • Permit requests and any additional documents must be submitted and approved by the Wednesday before the upcoming farmers market in order to participate.
  • When sending the documents for review, ensure that each attachment is labeled to specify which vendor it is in reference to.
  • Ensure all documents are valid and legible prior to submitting. Vendors with blacked out documents or expired documents will be rejected.
  • Vendors who do not sell food are not required to submit a temporary food dealer’s permit. We do not oversee the approval process for non-food vendors.
  • Vendors who share or use a commercial kitchen, or a kitchen that is inspected by the local health department, are required to submit the establishment (food dealer’s) permit for that kitchen.
  • If samples are being provided, the vendor must state how that will be done and list any equipment or utensils they will be using.