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Register Clicker/Subscription through Blackboard

In the TurningPoint Desktop software, students must have a TurningPoint account and register Clicker/Subscription. Without them, you will not receive credit for your responses. You also must have your TurningPoint account connected to Blackboard in order for your points to be shown in Blackboard Grade Center.  


New students who never used Clicker/Mobile at UH

After purchasing a Clicker bundle or Subscription, you need to register the Clicker device and Subscription through Blackboard.  View this tutorial.


Current students who used Clicker/Mobile before

You already created a TurningPoint account and registered Clicker/Subscription.  All of your TurningPoint Account information will be copied from previous semester automatically. However, you need to login your TurningPoint account to check if there are still 3 green check marks (or 2 green check marks for using mobile devices only).  View this tutorial.


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