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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are frequently asked by students. If you can't find answers for your questions, please call 713-743-1411 or email to

TurningPoint Student account & Subscription Registration

A TurningPoint Student account is required for the safety and security of your data. All information is encrypted and associated to you as a person. Without a TurningPoint Student account and Subscription, you will not receive polling grades.
Do not purchase anything until you click this link to find the detailed information regarding the purchase.  For Optometry students, you need to buy a QT2 Clicker bundle.
Click this link to view the tutorial.  For Optometry students, click this link to view the tutorial.
On the TurningPoint Student account page, enter your email address and Sign In.  You will then see Forgot Password.  Enter your email and select Reset Password.  An email will be sent to you with additional instructions.
1) Log into Blackboard.  2) Select the course.  3) Locate and click the TurningPoint account Registration link.  4) Login to the account using personal email.  5)  Click profile link in dashboard and there is an email change link under your name.  You can change it to UH email.
You will need to make sure that you create your TurningPoint account within Blackboard and use your email address.
When you create your TurningPoint account you will register your Device ID within the Devices area.  Your Clicker Device ID is located on the back of your clicker and is 6-digits in length.
When you create a TurningPoint Student account you will enter your TurningPoint Subscription code within the Subscription area.  Once you redeem your Subscription code, you will be able to use your Mobile Devices for the polling through the expiration date showing within your account.
No. You only need to register once for all classes in Blackboard.  But, you need to login to your TurningPoint Account each semester and make sure you still have 3 green check marks in your TurningPoint Student account dashboard.


No, your clicker is always on and able to accept answers. If the screen is blank, the clicker is in sleep mode. There is no need to press anything to wake it up – simply enter your answer.
Press the ‘Channel’ button on the bottom left, type in the channel number, and press the ‘Channel’ button again.  For Optometry students, click this link see the section 3 "Set/Change the Channel."
Press the button associated with your answer. Again, the clicker may appear off because the screen is blank. Do not press the ‘Channel’ button – if the LED light is flashing green and red, the clicker is not in the correct mode to accept an answer. Wait for the light to go off before submitting an answer.  For Optometry students, click this link and see the section 4 "Responding."
Yes, as long as polling remains open, you can submit a new answer. Whatever answer is submitted last before polling closes will be accepted.
You will see the response that you pressed on the screen and the LED light will glow solid green.  For Optometry students, click this link and see the section 4 "Responding."
Either you are responding to a question incorrectly or polling is not open.  For Optometry students, click this link and see the section 5. Screen Errors.
Confirm that you are correctly responding to questions as shown above in other FAQs. If you are responding correctly and your answers are still not being recorded, make sure that your current clicker is registered and that the Device ID matches what is in your instructor’s participant list. To confirm this, you will need to talk to your instructor.
Either the batteries are dead and need to be replaced or your clicker has malfunctioned and you will need to reset it. To reset your clicker, simply take the batteries out of the back of the clicker and replace them.  If you do not have a tool to do it, you can bring your clicker to UH IT Support Center.
For RF-LCD clicker, the battery is CR2032 Coin Type Lithium.  The UH bookstore sells two clicker batteries as a set. The set costs approximately $1 plus tax.  For Optometry students using QT2 clicker, the battery is Triple AAA battery which can be purchased from UH bookstore and any local stores.
No.  Your clicker has been registered in your TurningPoint Student account.  

TurningPoint Mobile App

Download and install the TurningPoint Mobile App from the Apple application store or the Android Play Store.

TurningPoint Mobile App

Note. If you have problems joining a class session, you can also join it via your smartphone or tablet browser(s). The browser URL is

You can use the following links to join or leave a session.

Note.  We recommend that you connect your mobile device to the UH wireless network rather than connecting to your cell phone carrier data plan.

Note.  It’s recommended to keep your device awake while TurningPoint Mobile is in use. The Mobile app may logout if the device goes to sleep or screen saver. Within the Mobile app, you can select the menu, then Settings, then Keep Device Awake

Android user

iOS User

  • During the polling, the question and answer choices are displayed.


  • Tap the number or letter that corresponds to the answer choice. 
    Note:  You can change your answer while polling is open if the question is not set to only accept your first response.

  • After polling is closed, the results are displayed.  You can see your submitted answer.