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Building List

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Bldg NumberBldg AbbreviationBldg Name
0101CRWChancellor's Residence Wortham House
0104P2KUHT Fiber Optics Building
0105TVTEKUHT Telephone Equipment
0106TVTexas Learning & Computational Center Annex
0108P1Cullen Annex Laboratory
0111DYNDynamometer Test Laboratory
0115OFGROffice of Governmental Relations
0116ACTSafety, Human Factors & Ergonomic Laboratory
0117TVFBKUHT TV at Fort Bend - Tower
0118WRCHWortham Residence Coach House
0119ACTATexas Manufacturing Assistance Center
0120UHFBAlbert and Mamie George Building
0121FBA2Brazos Hall
0122UBLUniversity Branch Library (UHS-Sugar Land)
0122KAB1Katy Academic Building
0125WHSWortham House Storage
0126SA1Sugar Land Annex 1
0127SA2Sugar Land Annex 2
0128SA3Sugar Land Annex 3
0129SLAB1Sugar Land Academic Building
0199CRSAClinical Research Services Annex
0400CSSCougar Sub-Station
0401ERP1Technology Bridge 1
0402ERP2Technology Bridge 2
0403ERP3Technology Bridge 3
0404ERP4Technology Bridge 4 Conference & Research Building
0405ERP5Technology Bridge 5
0406ERP6Technology Bridge 6
0407ERP7Technology Bridge 7
0408ERP8Technology Bridge 8
0409ERP9Technology Bridge 9 ConocoPhillips Petroleum Engineering Building
0410ERP10Technology Bridge 10
0411ERP11Technology Bridge 11
0413ERP13Technology Bridge 13
0414ERP14Technology Bridge 14
0415ERP15Technology Bridge 15 Energy Device Fabrication Lab
0419ERPATechnology Bridge Annex
0420ERP20Technology Bridge Storage
0475Softball Batting Facility
0476QUADThe Quad
0483Health 2 (Floors 8 & 9)
0483*HBS2Health 2* (Floors 1 & 2)
0483*HBSB2Health 2* (Floors 3 through 7)
0483*LSCCHealth 2* - Lone Star Circle of Care
0484ERBAgrawal Engineering Research Building
0485STADTDECU Stadium
0486ATLAtmospheric Testing Laboratory
0487UCNStudent Center North
0488SCP1Central Plant Satellite
0489KUHA2KUHA - Renters Building
0490WCSGWelcome Center Student Garage
0491KUHAKUHA - Transmitter Building
0492SSTCougar Softball Stadium Ticket Booth
0493SSCougar Softball Stadium
0494AAAAgnes Arnold Auditorium
0495CPHCougar Place
0496CV2Cougar Village 2
0497CWCougar Woods Dining Hall
0498DTFBulk Fueling Diesel Tank Farm
0499CBBClassroom and Business Building
0500BOABayou Oaks Apartments
0502SScience Building
0503TTechnology Annex
0504CCCChild Care Center
0505JDAJ. Davis Armistead
0506COMJack J. Valenti School of Communication
0507WTCynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts/Wortham Theatre
0508T2College of Technology Building
0509LM. D. Anderson Library
0513INF2Visitor Information Booth 2
0514EPS2Fire & Life Safety - Storage
0515PPCentral Power Plant
0516EEzekiel W. Cullen
0517ACullen Performance Hall
0518CLAUniversity Lofts Apartments
0519UHPDDepartment of Public Safety - UH Police
0520MSMRebecca & John J. Moores School of Music
0521GSGrounds Storage Building
0522CRWCCampus Recreation & Wellness Center
0523AGLScience & Engineering Annex
0524SSCStudent Service Center 1
0526SS2Student Service Center 2
0528MHLeRoy & Lucile Melcher Hall
0529SECScience & Engineering Classroom Building
0531HPFertitta Center
0532GARSusanna Garrison Gymnasium
0533MELMelcher Gymnasium/Charter School
0534HFred J. Heyne
0536CPBLeRoy & Lucile Melcher Center for Public Broadcasting
0537BLBates Law
0538TU2Teaching Unit 2 Building
0539KHMax Krost Hall
0540LLJohn M. O'Quinn Law Library
0541UTSUtility Tunnel System
0542SPASouth Park Annex
0543ARCGerald D. Hines College of Architecture
0544CEMOMichael J. Cemo Hall
0545SERCScience & Engineering Research Center
0546EPGEast Parking Garage
0547PGHPhilip Guthrie Hoffman Hall
0548AMBAthletics Maintenance Building
0549SWGraduate College of Social Work
0550SRScience and Research 1
0551SR2Science and Research 2
0552BKDBurdette Keeland Jr. Design & Exploration Center
0553*WCWelcome Center Parking Garage*
0560UPDUH-DPS Parking Enforcement
0561CRWACRWC Annex
0562ADBA. D. Bruce Religion Center
0563CVCougar Village
0564FLamar Fleming, Jr.
0565UCStudent Center South
0567UCSStudent Center Satellite
0568CSDJustin Dart Jr. Center for Students with DisABILITIES
0569CULLOCullen Oaks Apartments
0570BATCAthletics Batting Cage
0572GSSGeneral Services Storage Building
0573ALUMAlumni Center
0574ATH2Athletic Center
0575COCambridge Oaks Apartments
0576STLScience Teaching Laboratory Building
0578AHAgnes Arnold Hall
0579DCullen College of Engineering 1
0580D2Engineering Lecture Hall
0581D3Cullen College of Engineering 2
0582BFCougar Baseball Field
0583BFTCougar Baseball Field Ticket Booth
0584MRMoody Towers Residence Halls
0584*MRMoody Dining Commons
0585GENGeneral Services Building
0586*CAMIsabel C. Cameron*
0587FHStephen Power Farish Hall
0588MCharles F. McElhinney Hall
0589FAFine Arts Building
0590CHCConrad Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management
0591INFVisitor Information Booth 1
0592HBSHealth 1
0593HSCUniversity of Houston Science Center
0596CCComputing Center
0597*SPGStadium Parking Garage*
0598CRSClinical Research Services Center
0599CLTFCarl Lewis International Track & Field Complex
0701PHACollege of Pharmacy Texas Medical Center
0702ABCKUHF Transmitter Tower - ABC
0703KMJQKMJQ/KUHT Transmitter Building
0706FB1Small Business Development Center - Rosenberg
0709BVSmall Business Development Center - Bryan
0710SBDSmall Business Development Center
0713CP1Small Business Development Center - Bay City
0714TMC2Texas Medical Center 2
0715NWC10Northwest Campus 10
0720SBD2Small Business Development Center - League City
0750COCMCoastal Center Caretaker Mobile Home
0751COELCoastal Center Environmental Laboratory
0752CORLCoastal Center Research Laboratory
0753COESCoastal Center Equipment Storage
0756COITCoastal Center Residential IT Equipment
0757GEOCGeosciences Coastal Center IT Equipment
0758CROKCoastal Center Rock Saw Facility
0759CRSTCoastal Center Rock Storage
0760CGRSCoastal Center Greenhouse Service
0800CWCampus Wide
0801LEPLynn Eusan Park
0802CFPCullen Family Plaza
0803BMGDr. Barnett Memorial Garden
0804CCGThe Cougar Community Garden
0805MPMeditation Pond
0806LAGDena and Guy V. Lewis Azalea Garden
0807SRGMargaret Sharpe Antique Rose Garden
0808TENTennis Courts
0809SFSoccer Field
0820SK4ASecurity Kiosk Lot 4A
0821SK9CSecurity Kiosk Lot 9C
0822SK12ASecurity Kiosk Lot 12A
0823SK41Security Kiosk Lot 41 (ERP)
0824SK42Security Kiosk Lot 42 (ERP)

Offline/Under Construction

Bldg NumberBldg AbbreviationBldg Name
0129PG5Parking Garage #5
0482BPFNew Basketball Practice Facility
0501CRoy G. Cullen
0502SBiology Greenhouse (Science Building)