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Incident Command System

The Planning P
  • The Planning "P" is a guide to the process and steps involved in planning for an incident. The leg of the "P" describes the initial response period: Once the incident/event begins, the steps are Notifications, Initial Response & Assessment, Incident Briefing Using ICS 201, and Initial Incident Command (IC)/Unified Command (UC) Meeting.
  • At the top of the leg of the "P" is the beginning of the first operational planning period cycle. In this circular sequence, the steps are IC/UC Develop/Update Objectives Meeting, Command and General Staff Meeting, Preparing for the Tactics Meeting, Tactics Meeting, Preparing for the Planning Meeting, Planning Meeting, IAP Prep & Approval, and Operations Briefing.
  • At this point a new operational period begins. The next step is Execute Plan & Assess Progress, after which the cycle begins again.

This planning process model has been adopted from FEMA.