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Safety Program Initiatives

Job Hazard Analysis

Facilities Services Safety Program is committed to developing, providing and maintaining Job Hazard Analysis for all of the crews that constitute the Facilities Services department. The JHA will be prepared and completed by Safety Program Manager and the Crew supervisors along with the staff who completes the tasks.

Supervisors are required to ensure that all staff members who are assigned to perform tasks are aware of and complete a review of the Job Hazard Analysis for the task they are scheduled to perform.

In the event that there is not a Job Hazard Analysis available for a task that has been assigned, the safety program manager, and crew supervisor must develop, review, complete a JHA before work can commence on the tasks.

Education and Training 

Facilities Services will ensure that all of its employees are educated and trained with its safety policies and procedures and will provide continuous education and training for an array of safety topics that relate to their job tasks.

Facilities Services has adopted and mandated as a basic safety education and training the OSHA 10HR General Industry Certification for all of its technical and administrative staff members, and the OSHA 30HR General Industry Certification for all of its crew supervisors.

In addition Facilities Service will provide more than fifty safety educational training videos via the website for our staff. Our team will be able to complete their training, validate their assessments and print their completion certificates all in one central location.

Facilities Services will also add two safety training to the UH yearly mandatory training and a 10HR General Industry Refresher Bi-Annually.

The ultimate goal of this program is to bring awareness to our staff so that they will work in a safe injury free manner, as a result also of this thus reducing our workers comp and insurance claims.