New UH2O Station Installed

UH20 map updated to include the Clinical Research Service location


A new UH20 water station has been installed in the Clinical Research Services Center to keep up with the growing need of water fountains in buildings on campus. UH Facilities encourages everyone to stay hydrated this summer with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees outside.

UH Facilities is responsible for all UH2O installations and maintenance. If there is a unit that needs a filter changed or is not working properly, this should be reported to the FIXIT Customer Call Center (

Each unit has a unique identification number that can be found on the front. This gives the UH Facilities crews the building number and floor where the UH2O station is located. Providing this service to everyone on campus helps with the sustainable efforts on campus by lessening the amount of disposable water bottles used. It allows students, faculty and staff to access double-filtered water during the hot summer months.

The UH20 water station map has been updated to include the new Clinical Research Service location. Stay hydrated!