RecycleMania Water Taste Test Results

The annual nationwide RecycleMania competition was officially launched at the University of Houston with the Feb. 11 Recyclemania 2016 Kickoff event.  During the event, which was open to students, faculty and staff, participants could take part in recycling games to win prizes and learn more about the importance of recycling.  

One of the popular interactive and informational stations was the Water Taste Test Challenge. Participants tasted three different samplings of drinking water.  The challenge featured water samples from the UH2O campus water filling stations and two different nationally-recognized bottled water brands. The idea behind this competition was to showcase how our very own UH2O filling station water, which is double filtered, is not only a sustainable and cheaper alternative but it tastes good too! This event was successful and a lot of people participated in the challenge. The results of the challenge have been calculated and the preferred water is UH2O, by almost two to one!  The results were:

UH2O 45% Dasani 34% Ozarka 21%

The University has installed 65 UH2O water filling station units on campus and they have been used over 3 million times -- they encourage the reuse of water bottles helping keep disposable water bottles out of the landfill and waste stream.  The UH2O water bottle filling stations were recognized as part of the 2013 Mayor’s Proud Partner Keep Houston Beautiful competition.


The Facilities Communications team has recently been affixing information labels on the front of the UH2O water filling stations to help communicate to the campus community how to report any maintenance or repair needs related to the units. Facilities Services maintains the stations but needs additional help from students, faculty and staff specifically to notice when a filter needs to be changed.  When the filter change light, located on the front of each unit, turns from green to yellow or red, it’s time to change the filter.    

This need was identified during a conversation between UH Office of Sustainability Manager Sarah Kelly and Facilities Communications and Marketing Manager Jacquie Vargas. The labels are a great way to keep the stations running at their best and the timing is perfectly parallel to RecycleMania. Facilities Services encourages everyone to continue to use the 4 Ways to FIXIT to report any facilities needs on campus. 

As an initiative to raise awareness of the UH2O filling stations, the Facilities Communications team has launched a Grin2Win contest on social media.  The competition, open to UH students, faculty and staff, is easy -- just post a picture of yourself in front of one of the UH2O water filling stations on social media and tag @UHFacilities. There will be exciting giveaways including our Facilities Services umbrellas. One winner per week will be announced during this month long contest. For more details, find us on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter @UHFacilities.

 Grin2Win Contest on Social Media @UHFacilities