FPC Inspectors Keeping Construction on Track

Construction Continues for this University of Houston

Construction was designated an essential industry to continue during the Stay at Home Order.  This meant our FPC Construction Inspectors – Manny Convert, Steve DeHart, Jim Regan and Cesar Villagran - remained on duty to perform their critical role.  As Steve DeHart states, “Since we expect our contractors to keep moving forward, we still need to be helping with inspections and access to mechanical rooms.”

Each inspector has managed to keep making progress while social distancing and using safety practices while performing crucial inspections needed for our construction projects.  Steve DeHart further explained, “Social distancing and masks add one more challenge to getting the job done in tight quarters, especially on a warm, humid, Gulf Coast day, with people on-site trying to make themselves understood over the noise of machinery.   Overall, though, everybody adapts, applies some extra communication and patience, and the job gets done.”  They recognize this adjustment as the New Normal as they implement these procedures in their daily routines.

Our inspectors continue to work with our contractor partners to keep a focus on mutual success.  As Manny Convert sums up, “The contractors are going through some uncharted water right now with the current world conditions and you have to work with them as a team to ensure the success of the project.  If they fail, you fail.”  They are helping to identify the necessary, workable solutions.  Jim Regan highlights a specific example of meeting the need for projects to move forward while supporting occupants' concerns, “For BAS issues in Hunter Hall Dorm at UHCL, we allowed 2 persons at a time in small rooms. We also moved from the hallway when students were accessing or leaving rooms.”

Across the board, FPC inspectors remain dedicated to the University of Houston and its success.  As Manny Convert stated, “I treat my projects as if it was my own house.  I try to inspect and catch everything I can knowing it will save headaches in the future.”  Cesar Villagran further captures the sentiment of all inspectors, “It’s my great honor to be on site every day with these essential workers.”  The FPC Construction Inspectors certainly have met the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic on their current projects. 

Construction Inspectors are an important part of the FPC team.  “We couldn’t get anything done on our construction projects without the support of our valuable Inspectors,” Nick Merry stated, continuing “They are essential.”