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Americans With Disabilities Act Section 504 UHS Coordinators


An ADA/504 Coordinator is the person who is designated to coordinate efforts to comply with and implement university policies pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  The ADA/504 Coordinator is available to discuss options, provide support, explain University policies and procedures and provide education on relevant issues.  The ADA/504 Coordinator may designate one or more Assistant ADA/504 Coordinators.  The following is a list of University of Houston System ADA/504 Coordinators/Assistant Coordinators. If you have any concerns regarding accommodations in the University of Houston System, please contact one of the following:

University of Houston - Main Campus

ADA/504 Coordinator
Toni Benoit
Interim Assistant Vice Chancelor/Vic President
Office of Equal Opportunity Services


University of Houston - Clear Lake

ADA/504 Coordinator (Students)
Gavin Steiger
Director Disability Services


University of Houston - Downtown

ADA/504 Coordinator (Employees & Students)
Erika Harrison
Title IX/Equity and Diversity Officer


University of Houston - Victoria

ADA/504 Coordinator (Employees)
Laura Smith
Director of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
ADA/504 Coordinator (Students)
Cheryl Worley
Disability Services