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These sites are in alphabetical order and do not reflect any kind of hierarchy. They are selected to complement the medieval and medieval women episodes of Dr. John Lienhard's The Engines of Our Ingenuity from the University of Houston's KUHF Public Radio station, and to assist in further research. Links to an Engines page are indicated with three blue bullets, thus: .

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    Dscriptorium provides links to actual scanned images of medieval manuscripts, as well as to related resources.

    Early Manuscripts at Oxford University provides "digital facsimiles of complete manuscripts, scanned directly from the originals." Scanned texts include a 14th-century manuscript of Boccaccio's De mulieribus claris , a 15th-century manuscript of Le Roman de la Rose, and a late 12th- or early 13th-century edition of Hildegard's Sciuias siue Visiones ac reuelationes.

    Probably the most thorough site which includes Medieval Women musicians and artists is Sarah Whitworth's multi-awarded and frequently-linked Early Music by Women Composers, which includes Chronologies, CD Discographies, Selected Research & Reference Sources, and MIDI files.

    Medieval Books in Electronic Format from Carnegie Mellon University is a collection of links to a variety of texts from the University of Virginia and elsewhere.

    Women in Music & Other Arts Links from Sarah Whitworth's respected Early Music by Women Composers site offers links to a wide variety of pages about early musical and visual arts.

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    Art History professor Chris Whitcomb offers a massive selection of links about Art of the Middle Ages, including architecture.

    Find a good collection of art by medieval women artists, including works by Guda, Claricia, Ende, Abbess Hitda, Hildegard von Bingen, Harrade von Landsberg, Suzanne de Court, Sabina von Steinbach, and, of course, Anonymous, in large clickable thumbnails with the pertinent information, created for Women Artists I at Washington State University.

    Baptisteria Sacra: An Iconographic Index of Baptismal Fonts from the University of Toronto -- "BSI is an international iconographic index of baptismal fonts from the early Christian period to the 17th century made available via the World Wide Web for scholarly research in a searchable electronic format which contains both images and text. "

    NEW LINKS! Professor Jeffery Howe of Boston College makes his “Digital Archive of Architecture” available on-line. For the Middle Ages, see:

    NEW LINK! Professor Patricia Lin provides tidbits on various Medieval Women Artists, from "Women Artists: Self-Portraits & Representations of Womanhood from the Medieval Period to the Present."

      Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179):  

    NEW LINK! Danuta Bois gives a biographical sketch of Properzia de' Rossi, c. 1490-1530.

    The 13th-century Syon cope, a superb example of Gothic textiles, was most likely made by English women; for illustrations and information, see:

    • "Cope" article from The Catholic Encyclopedia
    • In color from the ArtServe site, University of Australia
    • Clear image from the Women Artists Courses site at Washington State University

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