The Engines of Our Ingenuity Episodes: 50-99
Engines of Our Ingenuity

Episodes 50 to 99

Note: I have gone back and rewritten the episodes in this set (originally taped in 1987 and 1988) as new episodes. The reason for doing this was that the original tape reels had begun flaking and I feared that the audio versions of this material might otherwise have been lost. I have added links to the updated versions at the end of each script.
No.99: The Hourglass
No.98: Telescope
No.97: Educating a Mason
No.96: Streamline
No.95: Superconductors
No.94: The Black Box
No.93: Telephone Use
No.92: Occam's Razor
No.91: Liberty Ships
No.90: Cantor
No.89: Lighthouses
No.88: A Concern about Reality
No.87: Roebling
No.86: Oxygen
No.85: Helicopter
No.84: Sopwith
No.83: Beach's Subway
No.82: Roads, Canals, & Railways
No.81: Titanic and Great Eastern
No.80: Women
No.79: A Car for Ann Boleyn
No.78: The Bicycle
No.77: Napoleon and Iron
No.76: About Alchemists
No. 75: Lighter than Air
No.74: Germs
No.73: Evariste Galois
No.72: First Clocks
No.71: Guillotine
No.70: Famous and Unfamous People
No.69: Steam Engines in England
No.68: A Question of Size
No.67: XP-75
No.66: Long Flights
No.65: Summary
No.64: Diesel
No.63: Systems
No.62: Russian Air Records
No.61: Tall Buildings
No.60: Submarine
No.59: A Transatlantic Cable
No.58: Crossing the English Channel
No.57: The Samurai Sword
No.56: Einstein
No.55: Names of Machines
No.54: Indian Telegraph
No.53: Alexandria
No.52: Man the Measure
No.51: Tunnels
No.50: The Paige Compositor

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