Episodes 3200 to 3249

No. 3249: Behaving As If
No. 3248: Our Rivers Meander
No. 3247: The Proust Questionnaire
No. 3246: Helium, The Up-ifting Element
No. 3245: Memes
No. 3244: Bias in Face Recognition Software
No. 3243: The Water Illusion Machine
No. 3242: Dr. John McLoughlin
No. 3241: Hooker's Green
No. 3240: Origins of Engines' Ingenuity
No. 3239: The Materialism Controversy
No. 3238: Whitewashing
No. 3237: Copland's Fanfare
No. 3236: The Humble Index Card
No. 3235: Verna Fields, "Mother Cutter"
No. 3234: The Moving Sofa Problem
No. 3233: Toad Story
No. 3232: Exploration by Presence and Proxy
No. 3231: Sputnik Educates America
No. 3230: From Close-Up to Selfie
No. 3229: The Mathematics of HIV Infections
No. 3228: Computer Safety
No. 3227: Gyros in the Energy Industry
No. 3226: Spin Doctors
No. 3225: Abe Lincoln, Inventor
No. 3224: Disney's Master of Illusion Fred Joerger
No. 3223: Reading and Listening
No. 3222: The "Color" Black
No. 3221: Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection
No. 3220: Leaderless
No. 3219: Gravitational Transport
No. 3218: Dylan's Education
No. 3217: Model Airplanes in 1937
No. 3216: Internment Camp Art Schools
No. 3215: Avocado Seeds
No. 3214: Pumpkin Viruses
No. 3213: Saving Bambi
No. 3212: Salmon Cannon
No. 3211: Lion Man
No. 3210: Scourge of the Sea
No. 3209: Net of Life
No. 3208: Computers and Reading Comprehension
No. 3207: New Zealand's Ecosystem
No. 3206: Australian Wins The America's Cup
No. 3205: Alice Augusta Ball
No. 3204: Mobility Matters
No. 3203: The Shape of Proteins
No. 3202: Gladys West and the Geoid
No. 3201: Some Reflections on Minimalist Music
No. 3200: Two for One:The Banach-Tarski Paradox