The Engines of Our Ingenuity Episodes: 100-149
Engines of Our Ingenuity

Episodes 100 to 149

Note: I have gone back and either rewritten many of the the episodes in this set (originally taped in 1987 and 1988) as new episodes, or I have noted later relevant episodes. The original tape reels had begun flaking and I feared that the audio versions of this material might otherwise have been lost. I have added links to updated material at the end of each script.
No.149: One Generation's Change
No.148: Fire-control
No.147: Hydrogen
No.146: Morgan's Gas Mask
No.145: G.E. Technology
No.144: The Age of the Earth
No.143: Boelter
No.142: Max Jakob
No.141: Franklin's Heat Expt.
No.140: Sense and Nonsense
No.139: Hoover and Agricola
No.138: Albrecht Durer
No.137: Music-making
No.136: Herbert Hoover
No.135: Learning to Use Coal
No.134: Sunken Ships at Truk
No.133: Cadillac in England
No.132: Hyatt Skywalk
No.131: Adams Education
No.130: Urban Archaeology
No.129: The Mad Scientist
No.128: The Liberty Bell
No.127: Black Inventors
No.126: Liability
No.125: First Auto
No.124: Camera Obscura
No.123: The Black Death
No.122: Diderot's Encyclopedia
No.121: Time's Arrow
No.120: Su-sung's Clock
No.119: J. Willard Gibbs
No.118: English Balloons
No.117: The Ironclad Turtle
No.116: Ceredi's Pump
No.115: Guido Da Vigevano
No.114: Seaplanes
No.113: 16th C Pneumatics
No.112: The Comet Failures
No.111: Topsell's Beasts
No.110: Nevil Shute
No.109: High-pressure Steam Engines
No.108: Trench Warfare
No.107: The Wind
No.106: Stability
No.105: 18th C Water Wheels
No.104: Baroque Violin
No.103: Soviet Disasters
No.102: Ada Byron
No.101: Interchangeability
No.100: Typewriter

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